CSharp Template Bugs and testing

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Jul 6, 2007, 9:55:37 AM7/6/07
to CslaGenerator
First, thanks to everyone who contributes to this project its
everything I wish I had both the time and ability to do myself!

I have been playing with the newest version of the CSLAGen and the
CSharp templates and while trying to get use to all the new features I
found what I thought was some small bugs.

With an editableroot object I found that if you try to add additional
custom attributes to the class they get added into comment block.

I was able to fix this bug by simply adding two extra lines to the end
of the xmlComment.inc file.

Also I was reading the post about a problem with a time stamp in the
system and the addition of support for binary data types to
CSLAGenerator. I see that an update to the templates for vb are posted
but not CSharp.

As a learning project I would be willing to try to port those update
into the CSharp templates and contribute the fix if some else could
provide a database structure and an object that suffers from the
problem so I can be sure the updates works.


Jul 8, 2007, 4:47:36 PM7/8/07
to CslaGenerator
Hello Tim,

Thanks a lot for the feedback about the bug...
I added one extra newline to the xmlcomment.inc file, and I surrounded
the <%= GetAttributesString(Info.Attributes) %> with an if clause like

<% if (GetAttributesString(Info.Attributes) != string.Empty) { %>
<%= GetAttributesString(Info.Attributes) %>
<% } %>

This way there isn't an ugly newline between the comment block and the
class definition when there aren't any attibutes specified ;-)

I send all my updates directly to Andrès to include them in new
releases, but as this bug (and also the timestamp bug) were discovered
after the latest release, they aren't included yet.

For those who can not wait for the next release, the latest version
can be downloaded here:

This one includes the bugfixes for the two bugs mentioned here and
some other minor things.

Greetings, and keep reporting those bugs ;-)


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