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Michael Kapp

Apr 26, 2023, 2:51:59 PM4/26/23
to Crow Box Kit
Where can I find the most recent documentation for powering the crowbox with solar power? 

My end goal is to solar power the crowbox as well as a Wyze Cam V2 (or other camera). 

I got this as a response from Voltaic Systems:
"The Arduino alone, running 10% of the day will draw 24 watts. This would lead us to recommend the V75 USB Battery Pack (75 watt hours capacity) paired with a 20 Watt 6 Volt Solar Panel - ETFE, this combination is one of our largest.

The Wyze camera power usage in a 24 hour period is around 120 watt hours. We do not have a good solution for a power draw at this level. You would need to string together many panels and batteries from Voltaic. You might be able to find a system on Amazon that can handle this kind of load."

Any suggestions for an alternative solution (that probably involves a different camera)? 
Thank you,

Josh Klein

Apr 27, 2023, 12:10:44 PM4/27/23
Most of the information is here, but there's a group on this list who is working on a more robust solution (so hopefully they'll jump in!) Otherwise would using a car battery for the camera and solar for the box work? Not ideal, but perhaps better...

- J

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