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Jul 19, 2023, 11:26:35 AM7/19/23
to Crow Box Kit
After swapping out the servo (again) - as well as just taking out the coin slot for now and covering with tape to try and prevent moisture - I pushed the box back into stage 2.

This morning, the family of crows, including the brave/stupid juvenile, came back this morning.

You can see the crow's shadow sitting on top of my camera here, flies down, triggers the door, and immediately flies back to the top of the camera.  (Can also see the shadow of my set up, including baffles, solar panels, camera mounts...)

After a bit, he started to get braver.  This is a good clip of him flying up, setting off the door, staying, and grabbing a Cheeto.

Since then, they've about cleaned me out.  

I will keep an eye on the servos at this point, but pretty cool so far.

Appreciate everyone's input and advice on this.


Josh Klein

Jul 20, 2023, 8:58:12 AM7/20/23

It sounds as though you’re making good progress! The only thing I’d recommend is to make everything as routine as possible- the times you refill the box, adjust it, etc. That way the crows can include it on their regular routes and get more comfortable more quickly as you move through the stages.

Anyone else have any feedback?

- J

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