Crowbox built for me?

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James Croney

Mar 13, 2022, 10:29:53 AM3/13/22
to Crow Box Kit
I can maybe blame my ability to search effectively, but I can't seem to find any place to "just buy" a crowbox. My assumption for now is that there just isn't enough need or there isn't enough time/people to do so. This post is in the hope that someone does have the time and would be able to assemble and ship the crowbox to me. Of course I can cover parts and shipping, and whatever the builder thinks is reasonable for their time and effort.

I have experience with microcontrollers like arduino, but mainly try to stay on embedded systems development for my work/projects. I'd of course like to train birds to bring me free money, but due to the cost of bird seed and number of birds, its probably just cool to do rather than any kind of brilliant retirement plan :-D But still it remains: cool to do.

I read over the bill of materials and it seems like i would need to do a lot of gluing and attaching components to metal and like, other delicate dexterous things. Things I can do, but would spend more time re-doing and cussing, and building the actual crowbox.

Plans for the near term are getting a crowbox and setting it outside to attract crows. Probably going to get a crow call off the internet too, unless experience has told others thats a bad plan.

Plans for the future in my midnight imaginings are running neural network analysis on the video feed to select for specific types of bird. Only reward if its a certain type of crow. I have the ability to handle that part of the stack, but might need to swap the arduino for a raspberry pi so i can get things like camera and wifi-data-relay hooked up.

I think I can apply to the crowbox somewhat of an evolution of an 'aquaponics monitor' that I setup. It relayed video over wifi to a viewing webpage served by the device. So http://localnetworkdevice/video.html showed the live video of the camera on the raspberry pi. It also had some sensors for water temperature and such on it that were also recorded.

In any case, I think this stuff lines up well, but honestly just want to do the software and minor hardware things not get the soldering iron out and order parts and such.

Thanks for reading!
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