Made a crowbox and got to Stage 1 (with videos)!

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Aarati Martino

Jul 3, 2022, 2:57:23 PM7/3/22
Hey yall!

First of all I just want to give a big thanks to Josh and his crew for putting this site together.  This is such a fun and exciting project!   Who is the person in the build videos anyway?  I love his accent, especially the way he says "peel." :)

Secondly, some warnings: the widths of some of the pieces I ordered from ponoko were off a bit.  I had to file down the acrylic door a lot on both sides so that it would slide in and out.  Also I highly recommend getting that needle tip for the acrylic glue b/c otherwise it is a mess with glue flowing out like crazy. (Very jealous of how neat and clean the builder in the videos did everything.)

Anyway I seeded my area with a really obnoxiously colored chip plate with peanuts and cheetos but the crows were unfazed with it.  When I switched out to the crowbox, they were way slower to get near it.  But once they did it took like  5 minutes for them to get  comfortable.  I am going to have to get it higher up to encourage the crows to stand on top to get the peanuts.

Enjoy!  Will let yall know when I have updates!

   -1. Crow stalks the box back and forth:
  - 2. He finally has the courage to grab one real quick:
  - 3. Crow no longer scared!

Josh Klein

Jul 3, 2022, 5:00:00 PM7/3/22
This is great!! Thanks so much for sharing the videos especially!! Curious to hear how it goes moving to the next stage. 

- J

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