LAn bridge for yamaha reciever

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Glen and Robyn Daniel

Jun 3, 2019, 2:10:05 AM6/3/19
to CommandFusion Hardware

Im using the lan bridge to allow multiple simultanious connections IP connections to my yamaha reviever,   So my configurations is

Slot 13 TCP server port 10270 max con 5
Slot 14 TCP client port 50000

slot bridging
slot 13 to 14
slot 14 to 13

using CFiviewer i can send a command to port 10270 and it works fine, now the problem begins trying to set up a Macro to run straight from the lanbridge to my yamaha.

The command i send from Iviewer is @MAIN:VOL=Up 2 dB\x0d\x0a
The command i have created from the lan bridge is       \xF2\x03\xF3TLANSND\xF413:@MAIN:VOL=Up 2 dB\x0d\x0a\xF5\xF5

But it doesnt seem to work.. any idea on what i have done wrong, i have also tried  \xF2\x03\xF3TLANSND\xF414:@MAIN:VOL=Up 2 dB\x0d\x0a\xF5\xF5


Please include as much software version/hardware firmware version information as possible. This ensures that other users and CommandFusion staff can provide a helpful answer as quickly as possible.

Jarrod Bell

Jun 3, 2019, 2:16:54 AM6/3/19
Try encoding the ":" in your command that needs to reach the Yamaha receiver, and definitely use slot 14 in the TLANSND command.
So it would be something like this:
\xF2\x03\xF3TLANSND\xF414:@MAIN\x3AVOL=Up 2 dB\x0d\x0a\xF5\xF5

The reason this may work is due to the colon being a special character to separate data payloads in the CFLink protocol.


Jarrod Bell

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Glen and Robyn Daniel

Jun 3, 2019, 2:24:21 AM6/3/19
to CommandFusion Hardware
Awesome thanks for the quick response, will test, using the lan bridge with IFTTT control via alexa, 
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