Cannot save macro action on Solo

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Jun 27, 2018, 6:07:38 AM6/27/18
to CommandFusion Hardware
Solo Firmware Version: 1.9.20b

Send data below to the on board serial port:

\x0C\x0BNow Playing:\x0A\x0D\x1F\x03Whip!

Breakdown of the above

\x0c Clears the Screen
\x0B Homes the cursor
"Now Playing:" displayed
\x0A Moves Cursor down
\x0D Moves Cursor to start of line.
\x1F\x03 Enables Horizontal scrolling mode on the screen.
"Whip!" displayed

Desired End result:
Now Playing:

The unit is now ready to accept more text that will banner scroll in the bottom horizontal line.

I cannot get the action to save but I can test it the first time I create it in the macro.
After I hit save only everything before the colon is kept.

So this is what I see when I hit the edit action button.

\x0C\x0BNow Playing

What am I missing?

Please include as much software version/hardware firmware version information as possible. This ensures that other users and CommandFusion staff can provide a helpful answer as quickly as possible.

Jun 27, 2018, 7:48:34 AM6/27/18
to CommandFusion Hardware
Try using the hex character for colon, \x3A, instead of the colon to get it to save correctly. Also please make sure the webpages and firmware are up to date.


Jarrod Bell
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