Power of "IR emission" between IR1~IR6 of CF Solo.

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Tabata Masahiro

May 26, 2020, 9:06:18 PM5/26/20
to CommandFusion Hardware
Hi CommandFusion support team,

There is JVC projector. This projector's IR receiver is very sensitive.

This meant, 
1. People has to point the remote controller very straight toward the IR receiver.
2. Even if the battery level is only little lower, the projector is not working.

OK, my dealer noticed one interesting thing on CF Solo.
As you know, there are "IR x 6" ports of Solo, right?

1. He inserted IRE-SLIM to IR1 of Solo, and put the "light emitting part" the receiver of the projector.
2. He blasted the ir signal (ON/OFF) to the projector , but nothing happens.
3. He did same test on IR2,IR3,IR4,IR5, but nothing happened. (Maybe because the IR receiver's position is very very sensitive.)
4. But it works on IR6, and very stable than IR1~IR5. It works 100%
5. Of course Solo sends the same IR signal.

I can't believe that. But he said that he tested with three CF Solo, but the result is same.
He insists that IR6 can blast the most powerful IR signal than IR1-IR5.

Is this correct?

Jarrod Bell

Jun 1, 2020, 6:24:07 PM6/1/20
to commandfusi...@googlegroups.com
IR6 is a higher power IR output (as signified by the "BLASTER" wording next to the port).


Jarrod Bell

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