CommandFusion status?

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AV Master

Jan 17, 2024, 10:35:14 AMJan 17
to CommandFusion Hardware
Can anyone from CommandFusion verify the status of the company?  You haven’t updated the software or the app for years and tech support seems to be nearly nonexistent.  Are you guys in business anymore?  The software Google group is blocked due to rampant spam and it can no longer be used or joined.  I doubt we’ll get any response but it sure seems would be nice to get a candid response for once.

Adam Walker

Feb 6, 2024, 8:09:01 PMFeb 6
to CommandFusion Hardware
Any luck with contact from them?

the software group has the same issue (radio silence )

someone (in software) said they got a reply from the support ticket system recently, i have just tried that to see what happens. The thing is i tried the support ticket system many years ago (before they went dark) and never got a response so I'm not hopefully. i cant continue to deploy software (the app) with no options for support. having spend a considerable amount of time building plugins for Iviewer its unfortunate we will have to re tool for the next system.
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