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Reviewer Solicitation: 2023 marine Carbon Dioxide Removal (mCDR) National Oceanographic Partnership Program (NOPP) Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO)


Certification of carbon removals – EU rules (Commission adoption: Feedback Open) | 01 December 2022 - 07 February 2023 (midnight Brussels time)


Carbon capture: Analysing and opening up socio-technical struggles’ at the STS Graz conference (Call for submission of abstract) | 30 January 2023


Research Topic- Carbon dioxide removal: Perspectives from the social sciences and humanities (Call for submission of abstract and manuscript) | Abstract Submission Deadline 10 April 2023 and Manuscript Submission Deadline 28 August 2023


Direct Air Capture Prizes


         DAC Pre-Commercial EPIC Prize|Submission Deadline: 20 March 2023 


         DAC Pre-Commercial Technology Prize|Submission Deadline: 20 March 2023 


         DAC Commercial Prize|Submission Deadline: 20 March 2023 


Opportunity: BIL Regional Direct Air Capture Hubs| Due Date: 13 March 2023


Biochar Demonstrator Flexible Fund Due Date: 3 February 2023


Apply to Pathfinders Call 2 (Winter 2023) – funding gaps in Greenhouse Gas Removal research and innovation | Due Date: 6 February 2023


Marine Carbon Dioxide Removal (mCDR): Research and Development for Assessing Large Scale Carbon Removal and Local Scale Ocean Acidification Mitigation, Department of Commerce, USA | Due Date: 28 February 2023


(NEW)RFP for Innovative Carbon Dioxide Removal Projects by Climate Vault | Due Date: 29 March 2023 


(NEW) Sasol DAC to the Future Challenge Webinar by Forseight Canada | 30 January 2023


Carbon Capture and Storage: A distraction from real climate action by Biofuelwatch 30 January 2023


(NEW) Artificially enhancing carbon uptake in plants and photosynthetic organisms for CDR, and assessing its feasibility | 31 January 2023


(NEW) Buying Carbon Removal, Explained: Shopify Head of Sustainability Stacy Kauk by OpenAir | 31 January 2023


(NEW) Webinar on ocean-based CDR with CDRmare | 07 February 2023


cdr.fyi -- 2023 CDR Market Snapshot by OpenAir | 07 February 2023


Exploring risk & uncertainty for actors in the new GGR sector by CORE - The Greenhouse Gas Removal Hub | 08 February 2023


(NEW) Scrubbing the Skies: "Wood Harvesting and Storage with Wood Vault by Institute for Carbon Removal and Policy | 09 February 2023


Bio360 Expo 2023 by biogas channel | 8-9 February 2023


(NEW) Carbon Dioxide Removal and Responsible Innovation by The University of Oxford | 13 February 2023


Biomass Harvesting Week by Canadian Biomass and Canadian Forest Industries | 13-17 February 2023


(NEW) Carbon To Stone with Founder Dr. Greeshma Gadikota by OpenAir | 14 February 2023


(NEW) The New Blue Economy - Unlocking the Potential by Oceanology International Americas | 14-16 February 2023


Funding novel research towards atmospheric CO2 removal by Carbon Technology Research Foundation | 28 February 2023


Ocean-Based Contributions to Carbon Dioxide Removal by AGU| 4-5 April 2023


Carbon Offset Market Could Reach $1 Trillion With Right Rules


Overcoming the Entropy Penalty of Direct Air Capture for Efficient Gigatonne Removal of Carbon Dioxide


Biochar from date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) residues—a critical review


Recent progress on direct air capture of carbon dioxide


Role of biochar toward carbon neutrality


Trends and variability in the ocean carbon sink


Epipelagic nitrous oxide production offsets carbon sequestration by the biological pump


Is carbon removal delaying emission reductions?




Nanoscale Mg-Depleted Layers Slow Carbonation of Forsterite (Mg2SiO4) When Water Is Limited 


Designing optimal core–shell MOFs for direct air capture 


Feasibility of switchable dual function materials as a flexible technology for CO2 capture and utilisation and evidence of passive direct air capture 


Facilitated transport membrane with functionalized ionic liquid carriers for CO2/N2, CO2/O2, and CO2/air separations 


Recent advances in CO2 capture and reduction 


Chapter 15 - CO2 removal using alkaline waste as a solid adsorbent: Challenges and forthcoming directions


Determination of the regeneration energy of direct air capture solvents/sorbents using calorimetric methods


Climate Impact on CO2 Capture Efficiency and Levelized Cost of Liquid solvent-based DAC (Direct Air Capture) System


Electrochemical direct air capture of CO2 using neutral red as reversible redox-active material


Recent progress on direct air capture of carbon dioxide


Catalog of Research Funding Needs to Advance Methane Removal


New brief: critical assessment of the EU Commission's proposal for a Carbon Removal Certification Framework from a soil perspective


Summary: Carbon Removal Scalability Assessment 



Research Associate in Greenhouse Gas Removal | Imperial College London, Centre for Environmental Policy

This is an ambitious project aimed at addressing the knowledge gaps in the context of greenhouse gas removal.   


PhD Funded Position in Soil Science “Biochar for Carbon Dioxide Removal and Plant Growth” at Geisenheim University | Germany

In a joint project on strategies for CO2 removal from the atmosphere funded by the BMBF (German Federal Ministry of Education and Research), researchers from Geisenheim University (HGU), the University of Hamburg, the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and the Ithaka Institute will explore synergies of combining two methods of “carbon dioxide removal” (CDR) – the use of biochar and rock flour in agriculture.


Research scientist on the assessment of land-based mitigation measures as part of the CLAND Convergence Institute at Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l’Environnement (LSCE) 

This work will contribute to the on-going international efforts to characterize and test land-based climate mitigation in global scenarios.


Job Openings at Climate Robotics

Climate Robotics is developing the next generation of system to produce biochar, a powerful soil amendment that helps to sequester atmospheric carbon.

·         Control System Engineer

·         Embedded Control Engineer

·         Entry Level Engineer


Senior Embedded Software Engineer at Aigen | Kirkland, WA

At Aigen, our mission is to unlock regenerative agriculture at a planetary scale—with a fossil fuel free, solar powered robotics platform.


Head of Sales Development at Vesta | Remote

Vesta adds carbon-removing sand made of the mineral olivine to coastal protection projects. There, the sand gradually dissolves, countering ocean acidification and permanently removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.


Marine Field Technician at Vesta |Duck, NC


Senior Scientist, Geochemistry at Vesta | Duck, NC


Business Development Manager at Skytree | Amesterdam

Skytree harnesses carbon through the power of decentralized direct air capture technology. 


Segment Leader Greenhouses at Skytree | Amesterdam

Pledge is a climate infrastructure platform making it simple for businesses of every size to integrate carbon measurement & offsetting tools into their customer experience.


Safety and Certification Engineer at Skytree | Amesterdam


Product Designer at Pledge | London


Senior Electrodialysis Stack Engineer at Captura | Pasadena, CA

Captura is developing CO2 capture and sequestration technology for extracting CO2 from oceanwater that is scalable to Mton/year - Gton/year to meet the rapidly growing demand in the carbon credit market.


Senior Membrane Engineer at Captura | Pasadena, CA


Founder - Methane Abatement at Marble | Remote

Marble is a climate tech venture studio. Our north star is to erase billions of tons from annual greenhouse gas emissions and create a thriving future. 


Proposal Manager at Carbon America | Arvada, CO

Carbon America is the first vertically integrated company in the industry – a one-stop-shop of engineers, project managers, developers, and financiers focused on capturing more CO2 in shorter amounts of time and at lower costs. 


Business Development and Go-To-Market Strategy Extern at Brimstone | Oakland, CA

Brimstone was founded in 2019 to stop and reverse the effects of climate change through the production of carbon-neutral Portland cement and supplementary cementitious materials, regardless of the energy source.


Business Operations and Corporate Strategy Extern at Brimstone | Oakland, CA


Laboratory Technician at Brilliant Planet | Herpenden

Brilliant Planet grows marine microalgae with natural resources and aims to utilize it in two main work streams; high-value ingredient production and carbon sequestration. 


Lead Civil Infrastructure Engineer at Brilliant Planet | Herpenden


Field Data Analyst at Brilliant Planet | Herpenden


Planning & Project Controls Manager at Brilliant Planet | Herpenden


VP, Hardware & Software Engineering at Twelve | Berkeley, CA

We make CO2Made® chemicals, materials and fuels with our carbon transformation technology that replicates photosynthesis at industrial scale. 


Engineering Manager, Production and Maintenance at Twelve | Berkeley, CA


Senior Process Development Engineer at Twelve | Berkeley, CA


Software Engineer Full Stack & Web-Focus (80-100%) at Climeworks | Zürich

Leader in Direct Air Capture. Climeworks captures CO from the air to fight global warming and protect future generations to come. We develop, build and operate direct air capture (DAC) machines, which capture CO directly from the air. The air-captured carbon dioxide can either be recycled and reused as a raw material or completely removed from the air by safely storing it underground, permanently.


SolidWorks PDM Administrator (80-100%) at Climeworks | Zürich


Senior Design Engineer (80-100%) at Climeworks | Cologne


Senior Technical Product Manager at Carbon Direct | San Francisco, CA

Carbon Direct work as a scientific advisor to leading companies like Microsoft and Shopify to develop and fulfill their carbon commitments.


Senior Product Manager at Carbon Direct | San Francisco, CA


Engineering Manager at Carbon Direct | San Francisco, CA


Senior Full Stack (Web) Engineer at BeZero | London

BeZero Carbon is a global rating agency for the Voluntary Carbon Market. Our ratings allow all market participants to price and manage risk.


Ratings Editor at BeZero | London


DevOps Engineer (AWS) at BeZero | London


Full-stack Engineer at Wren | Remote

Wren aims at Carbon offsets for consumers. Strong emphasis on removals. 


Senior Calibration Engineer (Spectroscopy) at YardStick | Oakland, CA

YardStick is on a mission to reverse climate change with agriculture.


Head of Policy and Strategy at AirCapture | Berkeley, CA

AirCapture modular, on-site technology captures climate-changing CO2 from the air, and puts it directly into our customers' production processes. The result is a greener, cleaner and cheaper product that can help their businesses go carbon neutral or even negative.


Director of Strategic Finance at AirCapture | Remote


Climate Policy Manager at Neustark | Bern

Neustark removes CO2 from the atmosphere, permanently stores it in recycled concrete, and cuts new emissions by reducing the use of cement.


Lab Operations Manager, Materials Laboratory R&D at Carbon Upcycling | Southern Tier, NY

Carbon Upcycling Technologies (CUT) is a Canadian clean-tech company that is changing how the world views CO2 from a costly waste to a profitable commodity. 


Head of Deployment at Heirloom | Remote

Heirloom captures CO2 from the atmosphere by accelerating the natural properties of abundant, affordable rocks. We place these rocks in a low-cost, passive, engineered system that maximizes the surface area of the minerals exposed to the atmosphere.


Mechanical & Electrical Engineer at Neocarbon | Berlin

DAC at scale retrofitting existing industrial cooling towers to drastically lower costs and setup times.


Director of Origination at Droneseed | Roy, WA

DroneSeed is a climate tech company working to make reforestation scalable. 


Process Engineer II at Mars Materials | Oakland, CA

Mars aims to sequester captured-CO2 into robust, everyday products like affordable carbon fiber—a critical tool for global decarbonization efforts.


Chief Research Officer at Carbyon | Eindhoven

Direct Air Capture. Carbyon uses a rigorously different approach compared to competing technologies: a fast swing process by means of a rotating drum that contains a material, modified to efficiently capture CO2 out of air.


Silicate & Inplanet Join Carbonfuture’s Carbon Removal Catalyst Program


Running Tide Deploys Open-Ocean Satellites in the North Atlantic 


Re-carbonizing the sea:Scientists to start testing a big ocean carbon idea


This startup captures CO2 by injecting it straight into volcanic rock


Help fund these Science Engine projects that remove carbon from the air with rocks, algae, and tech


Tokyo Gas invests in Global Thermostat to accelerate DAC


Mobile Lab Created To Test Carbon Capture Technology


How 3 Carbon Elimination Applied sciences Work Collectively to Mitigate Emissions


Carbon-negative Cement - Brimstone.energy


The world’s largest atmospheric carbon dioxide removal project is coming


Plantd Materials creates OSB board alternative from processed grass (Carbon negative materials for every new home and building on earth)


Cement made at ambient temperature, using renewable electricity, for a decarbonized future


The Breakthrough Effect: How to trigger a cascade of tipping points to accelerate the net zero transition


Catalyst Fund Invested in Octavia Carbon's Technology which is the Global South’s first Direct Air Capture (DAC) company, building the world’s lowest-cost DAC hub


What Is Blue Carbon and How Can It Help Fight Climate Change?



How to Get Carbon Removal Startups the Support They Need!—w/ Neesha Mirchandani of Impact Stars by Reversing Climate Change


On this episode of Reversing Climate Change Happy Hour, Neesha joins Ross, Siobhan and Asa to discuss the magnetic pitch method she uses to support CDR startups in attracting venture capital. Neesha explains what VCs look for in a climate startup and shares her frustration with philanthropy’s failure to fill in the funding gaps.

Peter Minor, Carbon180 & Jack Andreasen, Breakthrough Energy by My Climate Journey


In this conversation, we're focused almost exclusively on ambient carbon dioxide removal and not on point source carbon capture, which is a separate but related technology focused on directly capturing emissions from hard-to-abate industrial applications like concrete, steel, and fossil fuel extraction. Ambient carbon dioxide removal (CDR) instead seeks to remove diffuse CO2 from the atmosphere directly via multiple methodologies, of which the most widely pictured method is direct air capture, or DAC, which looks like oversized fans that extract CO2 from the air. In addition, we also touch on a few biology-related CDR technologies like biochar that seek to lock biologically produced carbon up before it can become atmospheric.

Carbon dioxide removal, Labor union membership by Central Times


We learn more about a new report on efforts to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Then, an economic professor helps us better understand the latest numbers of labor union membership in Wisconsin and the U.S.

Carbon capture needs to scale up to make a dent in the climate crisis by Marketplace Tech


A plant in Iceland recently became verified as the first large-scale facility to remove carbon dioxide from the air on behalf of corporate clients paying to reduce their carbon footprints. The Icelandic facility is run by the Swiss startup Climeworks and uses a process called direct-air capture. DAC uses vacuum-like machines to pull air into the plant where the carbon is filtered out. Clean air is returned to the atmosphere and the collected carbon is buried underground. The technology could be key to averting the worst of climate change, said Aniruddh Mohan, a postdoctoral fellow at the Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment at Princeton University. He spoke to Marketplace’s Meghan McCarty Carino about the promise and problems of direct-air capture.

How Shopify shops for carbon removal tech by Greenbiz 350 podcast


Stacy Kauk, head of sustainability for Shopify, chats about net-zero goals, the Scope 3 challenge and optimizing carbon removal investments for maximum impact. GreenBiz Senior Editor Jesse Klein reports.



When most of us think about using nature to remove carbon dioxide from the air, we think of trees. Yet blue carbon, a new name for storing carbon dioxide in coastal and marine ecosystems where it can no longer trap heat in our atmosphere, may have even greater potential. Salt marshes and mangroves have carbon-capturing capacity that may surpass that of terrestrial forests and they are found on every continent except Antarctica. Emily Pidgeon, Vice President of Ocean Science and Innovation at Conservation International explains, “In some cases these ecosystems can have up to four or five times more carbon on a per unit area than we see in some of the ecosystems that we traditionally think of as being carbon rich, like the forests of the Amazon or other carbon rich terrestrial ecosystems.” 

Temperature overshoot - Schwinger by Reviewer 2 does geoengineering


Jörg Schwinger presents work showing temperature overshoots can be recovered from, using CDR. @geoengineering1 finds lots to take issue with - model processes, intergenerational equity, and the risk of misinterpretation of superficially-reassuring studies. Paper: Emit now, mitigate later? Earth system reversibility under overshoots of different magnitudes and durations (https://esd.copernicus.org/articles/13/1641/2022/)


There's a playlist with more videos on the topic, you can check it out here:


The State of Carbon Dioxide Removal report launch | TheSmithSchool


Hear from the authors as they deliver the main findings from the flagship report, The State of Carbon Dioxide Removal, a first-of-its-kind global assessment on the development of CDR. Plus expert guest commentators’ reaction and audience Q&A.

Insurance to Unleash Carbon Removal | AirMiners


We've got an exciting event lined up to unleash carbon removal through a series bold, novel insurance innovations. For startups, this function can be critical for reducing risk and improving odds of success; for buyers of carbon removal and investors, insurance can improve bankability of startups' results.

Carbon Removal Challenge 2023: Life cycle and techno-economic assessment w/ Grant Faber | OpenAir


In this webinar, Grant will introduce two popular methodologies for assessing the environmental and economic performance of new technologies, known as life cycle assessment (LCA) and techno-economic assessment (TEA) respectively. He will discuss core features and shortcomings of LCA and TEA along with their importance for the development of climate technologies. There will be time for questions and open discussion.

How a new space race can help us reverse climate change | Peter Minor | TEDxBoston | TEDx Talks


Climate Change, Future, Innovation, Policy, Science, Technology Peter Minor, PhD, is the Director of Science & Innovation at Carbon180, a new breed of climate NGO bringing together the people, resources and vision to realize a carbon-removing world. Peter’s knowledge of the latest science and connections to the innovation ecosystem helps the team craft policy recommendations that catalyze the carbon removal industry, including a letter to the Sec. of Energy with recommendations for the proposed Direct Air Capture Hubs to impact early stage innovation, cosigned by 8 of the industry’s top startups. Previously, he built the CITRIS Foundry, a deeptech startup accelerator associated with UC Berkeley, and Blue Bear Ventures, a venture fund for frontier innovation. He is a staunch believer that technology can help solve humanity’s greatest challenges. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.

Restoring the Climate in 2023 & Beyond | Foundation for Climate Restoration


Experts from around the world came together in an interactive webinar with Q&A to discuss climate restoration and what’s ahead in 2023. Co-hosted by the Foundation for Climate Restoration, the Climate Restoration Network, the Climate Restoration Safety & Governance Board, and Carbon Business Council – the webinar featured experts who will discuss the latest trends and developments in carbon removal and climate restoration. This includes the importance of climate restoration to communities in the Global South, the efforts to ensure responsible deployment of climate restoration solutions, unpacking U.S. carbon removal policy, implications from the World Economic Forum in Davos, and more.

Betting on Forests and Soils to Reach Net Zero Webinar | Institute for Carbon Removal Law and Policy


Despite being central to net-zero ambitions, carbon dioxide removal has recently entered government plans and policies. National climate plans produced so far, however, suggest countries are ‘betting’ on using forests and soils to compensate for their remaining ‘difficult-to-decarbonize’ emissions to reach climate targets. A new paper, recently published in Communications Earth & Environment, reviewed these plans, examining what they mean for carbon dioxide removal, net-zero, and the governance challenges ahead, focusing on the role of CDR in the Paris Agreement. This webinar included a presentation by the authors of this paper, Harry Smith and Naomi Vaughan of the University of East Anglia, moderated by Dr. Wil Burns.

This Is CDR Ep.60: CarbonCapture - Project Bison and Scaling DAC in the U.S. with Adrian Corless | OpenAir


In this episode of This Is CDR Toby and Megha welcome CarbonCapture CEO Adrian Corless who overs an overview of Project Bison, the company's ambitious 5Mt planned deployment in Wyoming, and discusses the company's plans to scale beyond that in the U.S. and globally.

Carbon Gardner: Support Citizen Scientists Driving Soil-Based Carbon Removal | OpenAir


Measurement, Reporting and Verification (UNDO In-field trials) | UNDO Carbon


2022 AIChE Annual Student Conference Virtual Chem-E-Car Competition | AIChE ChEnected


This Technology Can CATCH Pollution Out Of The Air! | Fully Charged Show


"An Open Sewer" that's how Former Vice President Al Gore, at the recent World Economic Forum in Davos said that we're treating the atmosphere given the amount of CO2 we're dumping in it. But what if we could take back the Carbon from the atmosphere and store it or, even better, remove it completely? Could that fix the Climate Crisis and get us to Net Zero? That's the hope of Carbon Capture and Storage and Carbon Dioxide Removal Companies and, perhaps unsurprisingly, Oil Companies. So we thought it was time to find out whether CCS and CDR is an effective solution, or an excuse to continue burning fossil fuels or even, a necessary sidekick to renewable energy. Join Helen as she investigates this contentious topic.

Does BioChar deserve a Comeback? | Complexity Unraveled with Dr. HowarD


BioChar: Used by indigenous people in the Amazon basin, Terra Preta, the black soil, is known for its high fertility. Coined by Dr. Peter Read in 2005, BioChar has some amazing properties. It can be used to re-condition degraded soil, added to animal feed, and even serve as a natural carbon sink.

Climate change fighting technology ‘should be ramped up’, report urges | BBC News


Climate change technology which removes CO2 from our atmosphere must be urgently ramped up, leading experts say in a new report. Scientists say big cuts in CO2 emissions won't be enough to limit global warming – and nature alone will not remove enough of it from the air. "To limit warming to 2C or lower, we need to accelerate emissions reductions. But the findings of this report are clear: we also need to increase carbon removal too," says lead author Dr Steve Smith, from Oxford University. The report said that to reduce future global temperatures there needs to be investment in developing technological solutions now. Until emissions and removals are balanced - so called "net-zero" - global temperatures are predicted to rise.

MRV for Enhanced Rock Weathering in Soils (AirMiners Event Series) | AirMiners


MRV in Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement | AirMiners


MRV in Ocean Biomass Carbon Removal | AirMiners


MRV in Land based Biomass Carbon Removal | AirMiners


NECEC Emerging Trends Series: Building Our World with Low Carbon Materials | Northeast Clean Energy Council


Roughly 15% of our greenhouse gas emissions come from buildings. Carbon emissions leak from concrete and are a byproduct of steel production. Fortunately some very smart people are looking to solve this problem and we've gathered them to talk about the present and future of climate-friendly building materials. We are joined by Massachusetts State Senator Cynthia Creem; Eric Dunford, Senior Director of Government Affairs at CarbonCure; Adam Rauwerdink, Senior VP for Business Development at Boston Metal; Christopher Neidl, Co-Founder of the OpenAir Collective; and Rebecca Esau, Manager for Carbon-Free Buildings at the Rocky Mountain Institute.

Berthoud’s BioChar Now makes national TV on ‘Dirty Jobs’



Rickels takes on new professorship on Economics of Negative CO2 Emissions


The voluntary carbon markets: 2022 insights and trends




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