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john cummings

Dec 13, 2021, 3:15:35 AM12/13/21
hi all,

i'm new to clips. i develop in smalltalk (dolphin) and java. i have downloaded
clips 6.4 and generated clipsclrwrapper and clipsjni dlls.

i have 2 problems that i hope you can help me with.

#1) dolphin allows you to incorporate an external dll. to utilize this you need to
generate a .tlb and then register the dll in windows.  i successfully generated
the tlb but clipsclrwrapper will not register with windows. it fails because
"dll registration server cannot find an entry point" has anyone encountered this?
if so what is the solution?

#2) per the clips documentation, run "java -jar CLIPSJNI.jar". i cannot
find clipsjni.jar in the download. anyone else see this?

thanks in advance,


CLIPS Support

Dec 13, 2021, 2:33:10 PM12/13/21
The CLIPSJNI project in the Visual Studio solution is there in case you want to build the JNI DLL using the Visual Studio IDE rather than using command line tools. The instructions in Section 7.1 of the Interfaces Guide are applicable to the file not the file:

   In order to use CLIPSJNI, you must obtain the source code by downloading either the or clips_jni_640.tar.gz file from the Files page on the CLIPS SourceForge web page (see appendix A for the SourceForge URL).  

The file contains both the C code for the JNI DLL plus the Java code for the Swing examples. 
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