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Aug 12, 2005, 4:14:22 AM8/12/05
to BlinkList
After having posted on Blinklist on my experience design blog Putting
People First (http://blog.vanderbeeken.com), Blinklist contacted me and
invited me to this forum.

Since my blog functions as a thematic link aggregator, I decided to do
a little test and upload the latest 25 blog posts into Blinklist (under
username "puttingpeoplefirst"). Because of the structure of Blinklist
(1 link per post), the 25 posts became 50.

Using Blinklist turned out a bit more difficult than I thought. The
comments I have posted below are therefore mainly related to usability
and not so much to cognitive psychology yet.

My conclusion is that Blinklist is quite nice and has a lot of
potential. However, the usability problems in this beta version are
still too big for me to consider switching from a normal (TypePad) blog
to Blinklist.

Good luck with the development
Mark Vanderbeeken

- It is not possible to add a trackback
- It is not possible to add a link in the description (e.g. via ahref
- Line breaks are not automatically converted into <br> code, so you
have to add that manually
- You cannot add a "via" line to indicate through which site you found
the link
- There is a limit of about 400 characters in the description box.
Sometimes this is not enough
- The java-based tagging auto suggestion feature is extremely slow and
becomes annoying in the end
- There is no way to tick off your own tags, you have to retype them
every time (with typo's as a consequence
- Apostrophes are not handled well in description box
- You cannot backdate an entry, it automatically has today's date and
the current time
- The boxes for name, URL, tags and description are simply too small
- Impossible to add a photo

- It is not possible to combine tags
- Tags are mutually exclusive when searching: you cannot search for
"experience design" and also get the "experience design blogs". You
have to choose between the two.
- The number of results are not indicated.
- Sometimes I have the impression that it is impossible to get to the
second page.

- Individual posts do not seem to have a permalink address (or I
couldn't find it, which would be a problem in itself too)
- The posts are not listed in Google or in Technorati
- There is no personal profile feature. I can add links, but nobody
knows who "puttingpeoplefirst" is.
- There are no statistics on how many people look at your list, or
click on posts that you entered.
- I initially created some test accounts that I afterwards wanted to
delete, but this is impossible.


Aug 12, 2005, 5:06:08 AM8/12/05
to BlinkList
Hi Mark,

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out BlinkList and for
your detailed comments and suggestions for improving our site! you
have lots of great ideas and as you correctly point out, we have a long
way to go. However, with users like you contributing excellent ideas,
hopefully we can continue to make rapid progress.

We will carefully review all of your points and add them to our bugs
and feature lists.
Thanks again for taking the time to write to us.


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