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& tell hackerspaces.org the news.

Congratulations Noisebridge Radioers!

You've had several successful meetings,
much was discussed,
& progress is well underway to get
the NB FCC Low Power FM broadcast station license in before its Nov 14
due date!


Now I'm gonna be movin on.

Back in February I posted to the NB amateur [= "love"] radio CQ list
that NB ought to have a radio station.
In August Norman Bradley (also a ham) alerted us that the FCC was about
to begin accepting applications,
the first time in decades in metropolitan areas.

Since then I have chosen to invest my time, in a personal overload
into this once in a lifetime opportunity,
to get the Noisebridge radio project ball rolling -
contributing the skills & knowledge I have, which many here don't (yet)
so that this project would hopefully acquire sufficient momentum to
become self sustaining.

I hope it worked -
cause I'm about to hit the door.

;) :)

Now Radioers, leaders of NB,
& all etceterians who desire that
NB have as much success as possible,
hackers have as much success as possible,
& our wonderful San Francisco, Bay Area, California & global societies
have as much success as possible,

I'm now passing the ball on to you!
Good luck!


I knew from the beginning that one tiny little me wasn't gonna be able
either create a NB radio station, nor sustain one.

So I've tried to alert Noisebridgians to the possibilities & benefits,
with the hope that enough people will be sufficiently intrigued
so that the idea becomes a reality.

I hope that has happened.

I'm not going away,
but I am bowing out of most Noisebridge "The Bridge" radio activity.

I've got many other respnsibilities to attend to.

If this project is going to succeed,
it has now become _your_ responsibility.

The good news is, I believe you definitely have the capabilities
to make it a reality.

And I believe the unknown hackers, & unknown future hackers,
will thank you for it!



If it _is_ actually going to happen,
the most important thing that someone
who has _not_ done this before,
has got to do is make a personal commitment to:
1) getting the Tues 6-8PM weekly radio hacker meeting onto the calendar
on the main nb web page, &
2) sending a weekly meeting announcement to the NB--Discuss & Announce
so all hackers are refreshly reminded of the meeting,
& of their opportunity to contribute to radio, & social, hacking.

The other main thing is to immediately help Norman,
in anything he needs,
to enable him to get a proper, successful application in to the FCC by
its November 14th due date.

- Please note: Norman is a very busy guy, too.
I believe he is also going far out of his way,
cutting deep into his own personal responsibilities & resources,
to do the things only he at Noisebridge is able to do,
to get this project he believes is important to both Noisebridgians,
& hackers everywhere,
into the air.

[Please join me right now in giving Norman Bradley a big round of
Me: Clap clap clap!
Thanks, Norman! This project certainly wouldn't have had so much
progress without all your efforts.
I certainly couldn't have done it without you!

Now, I've got to get on to other important responsibilities,
lide helping Oaklland's SudoRoom get a radio application in,
& alerting the USA hacerspacces to their impending doom^h^h^h^h
opportunities to get their FCC applications in,
with only two weeks notice!

I'll have more to say, later.

Bottom line:
It is now _YOUR_ responsibility to
_immediately_ get an announcement out
that everyone is invited to
Tonight's 6-8PM Noisebridge FM broadcast Radio meeting.

Best wishes to all.
Good luck.
And, as we say in the amateur radio community,
73 to everyone.


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