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You, and others on the list, might be interested in a local professional

the Medical Development Group http://www.mdgboston.org/index.htm
is a group of Boston area professionals in various aspects of the
medical device industry, including R&D, design, manufacturing, legal
and regulatory issues, and more. Their educational events and forums
include networking in terms of jobs, consulting and advice, and talks
on various parts of the industry. Their meetings do have a charge,
but this is the real deal.

Going to a few meetings may well help you find someone with the
knowledge you seek.

Another option is to contact the relevant department at one of the
local teaching hospitals.


At 01:27 PM 11/6/2013, Scott Janousek wrote:
>I know this may sound a bit weird, but I'm interested to know if
>anyone on the list knows a Plastic Surgeon.
>No, I am not looking to have anything done ...
>However, I have specific questions for someone in the industry.
>Message directly.

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I should add, for those unfamiliar with medical devices, that the FDA
approval process is a considerable task for a new device.

Many small entrepreneurs end up licensing to one of the large firms
with a department that specializes in FDA approval.

Selling in Europe involves a similar CE process, and in Japan the
MOT. Other countries have rather Byzantine equivalents.

Much of the cost of a medical device goes to testing, documentation,
and approval.

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