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Nov 6, 2013, 1:57:34 PM11/6/13
to BTG

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Subject: [Noisebridge-board] Can i get a 2nd for purchase of
"Noisebridge 1", NB's first radio xmttr???!!! - Fwd:
[Noisebridge-discuss] Radio kits - Quality kits, Canada
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2013 23:19:13 -0700

To: Noisebridgians, Danny NB Finance Director,
Norman Bradley Radio project co-director,
Mitch Altman Kit building & Soldering Educator Extraordinaire
+ Amateur Radio licensee,
Noisebridge board,
NB Tues eve weekly mtg attendees, &
Martin deviddo Experienced radio kit builder:

I hereby move/propose that the NB financial officers & etc,
be immediately requested to approve funds ASAP/ immediately,
& set in motion by whatever NB process is appropriate. in this matter,
Approx $72 = $62 Parts + $10 Shipping,

For the purchase of one each of all the below listed kits,
From Quality Kits of Canada
(Mitch's nemesis).

The nb radio project has made excellent progress these past two months,
in raising awareness & interest in the nb radio lpfm fcc project.
Also in doing investigations & gathering of data to prepare a proper fcc
application .
Also in documenting this project openly through mail list messages & the
two radio project wiki pages.
Also in gathering a list of people interested in creating program
content for broadcast.
Also in doing outreach to other organizations re aspects of this project
(such as my presentations to SFAmat Radio Club, Internet Archive,
Sudoroom hackers-pave Oakland,
Alameda ARCAHam).

Given that Noisebridge is substantially,
by both practice & stated purpose,
an educational orgamixation

[leaving that typo in there cause i like the way it looks]

& that the nb radio project will be able to make significant progress in
1) understanding radio equipment design, construction & opetation,
by having an open invite meetings where these kits will be built,
at a progress rate of one kit every several weeks,
& then used in actual broadcast operation of a
legal, USA FCC Part 15 no license required micropower
FM broadcast radio station,

& that
2) Actually operating the station,
with an established program time schedule,
will begin to create the operstional program creation experience
[like that typo too]
which will lesd to the increase in awareness of program crration?
& which will thus lead to the further Creation of Havker Radio Programs,
[You guessed it! :) ]
which will become tangible evidence that can be presented to the FCC
to demonstrate Noisebridge's actual proven ability
to create the FCC rrquirrd 20 hours per week of locally generated
progrsm content
[Whew! GR wipes brow!],

Thus or something or other:
NB should purchase these kits immediately
& get on with progress!


I hearby announce I'm tirrd & want to get to sleep!

Uh, hem...

So, cam I get a second? Third? & etc,
on this motion, so we van actually get these kits in hackerspace,
& then & thusly begin some actual
rafio hardware hscking,
& rafio program creation hacking????


Thank you all for your kind attemtion


{I have typed this entire message on my smartphone.
I should go to Japan & write a novel on the subway.}

Yours truly,
Giovanni Re
Earth Hackerspace Radio proyect Creator

Original message -----
From: "giovanni_re" <joh...@fastmail.us>
To: "noisebridge-discuss" <noisebrid...@lists.noisebridge.net>
Subject: [Noisebridge-discuss] Radio kits - Quality kits, Canada
Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2013 21:14:22 -0700r



FK702: FM Wireless Microphone Kit (1 State) $3.95 1T 9V
FK701: FM Wireless Mic Kit $5.95 1T 3V

QK32: Two Stage FM Transmitter Kit $6.95 9V 3T 1KM
Detailed description of operation.

QK7: 3V FM Transmitter Kit $12.95 3?T 300M

QK18V2: FM 9 Volt Transmitter Kit $12.95 2T 500M
The Cadre 9V FM transmitter (FM Tx) has been developed as a more
powerful yet simpler version of QK7. Component count has been reduced
yet the power has been increased by using a 9V battery and higher rated
transistors. The tank oscillator coil has been incorporated into the PCB
trackwork itself. A bigger tuning film capacitor has been used to get
more fine tuning anywhere in the FM band (and just below it.) It has a
greater range which is mainly the result of its higher operating

QK167: FM Transmitter and 250mW power amplifier kit $18.95 5?T 12V
This kit combines the 7mW - 10mW output from the QK18 FM transmitter kit
to the QK171 250mW power amplifier kit all on the one PCB.

QKits Limited 620 Cataraqui Woods Dr. Unit # 2 Kingston, ON K7P 1T8
Toll Free Order Line: 1-888-464-5487 EMail: sa...@qkits.com
Support Line: (613) 544-6333 EMail: te...@qkits.com

$10 UPS ground shipping

Use this map to determine if Standard UPS Ground shipping will be
suitable. (+ 1 day)

Please chose UPS Expedited (2 day**) or UPS Express (overnight**) for
faster service.

UPS Service Time in Transit Price UPS Ground <<<
See Map Starts at $9.85 US* UPS Expedited 2 days** Starts at $32 US UPS
Express Overnight** Starts at $41 US *Continental States Only **
Business days

UPS Express or Expeditedonly to Alaska, Hawaii & PR.

UPS charges an extra $2.50 for a residentail address. Have your goods
shipped to your work address to save this fee.

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