Sat 6th BTIP Meeting 12N-3P Voice online & at FSC in Berkeley

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Feb 5, 2010, 3:49:43 AM2/5/10
to BTG, BTL,
I hope to hear you all online, & see you in person in Berkeley, this Saturday, 12N-3P PST, 3P-6P EST, 2000-2300 UTC. :)

I've got the Feb & March meeting dates updated on the BerkeleyTIP home page:

I haven't yet had time to send announcements to all the non BTIP mailing lists - hopefully I can get that done Friday. - I'm just too busy, as usual.

== Connecting:
IRC: #berkeleytip on & VOIP globally.

If you are new:
1) get a VOIP headset,
2) join on IRC & we'll help you get VOIP working.

We'll probably use the darkvoip server, so we can have the telephone dial in option available.

== Lots of things to discuss:
- 1st weekend meeting of Spring 2010 semester. It would be great if I could get the flyers updated with Spring dates, & get some help to put some up around campus.
- Coordination with LUGOD Davis & KernelPanic in SanDiego. Contact with UCLA. Other colleges everywhere.
- Skype, for getting through ISP firewalls/proxies.
- BIL conference next Sat & Sun, 13-14 in LA - it would be great if we could have a GNU(Linux) installfest there. I'd love to go, but might not be able to. I'm hoping to send an email about this soon.

What do you want to discuss?

== First Annual "Program for the Future" Global Challenge
The global competition for new tools to improve Collective Intelligence.

At the Community Leader Summit in SF in Jan I met Rob, from the Tech Museum, in San Jose. He came to the talk I gave about "Global Voice Meeting Technology HowTo". Later that day, he gave a short presentation about this challenge/competition the Tech museum is starting. He said he thought I should enter the BerkeleyTIP group/project for global voice communications for the Free(dom) Software, Hardware & Culture communities in this competition.

Read that web page -
"The Program for the Future Design Challenge is inspired by the vision of Douglas C. Engelbart, who fifty years ago saw that the big problems mankind faced were growing faster than our ability to solve them. In response, Dr. Engelbart began his life-long quest to improve our collective intelligence. It is in that spirit that the Tech Museum of Innovation and the MIT Museum are sponsoring a design challenge to inspire innovators around the world to build the next generation of tools to augment our ability to think and work collectively.

The Program for the Future is an annual design challenge to find new ideas - even simple ideas - that help people work better and smarter together in some important area. The challenge is to develop a practical method, tool or technology that connects people so that they collectively act more intelligently. The challenge embraces all areas of human endeavor - not just technical domains like computing or engineering but also the arts, business, economics, education, government, health, law, philanthropy, science and other spheres. Winning entries will be featured at The Tech Museum of Innovation in Silicon Valley and MIT Museums.

Entries have to be submitted by this coming Monday - 3 days from now! I'd love to do that, but might have to wait for next year, due to not enough time for me right now.

Read that page, & maybe you will have some thoughts. :) We can discuss this at the meeting. I've been hoping to get time to send an email about just this topic. Maybe not before Saturday's meeting, though.

== Opportunities
If you're looking for an opportunity to volunteer, here are some

Job & Skill & Volunteer Opportunities

Want to improve your employment skill set? Want to volunteer for the community?

Here are some opportunities to do that & also help BTIP progress:

.Set up a mailing list on the BTIP server box.
.Set up FreeSwitch voip server.
.Set up a web server.
.Set up the BTIP website.
.Set up a secure virtual network.

Email the list to ask about these tasks, or offer to make some progress on one of these items. :)

== What questions or comments do you have? :)

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