2010 October BTIP meetings

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Oct 2, 2010, 4:51:26 AM10/2/10
to BTG, BTL, BerkT...@googlegroups.com
October meetings:

2 Sat 12N-3P, at UCB & IRC & VOIP online
11 Mon 5-6P, IRC & VOIP online
17 Sun 12N-3P, at UCB & IRC & VOIP online
26 Tue 5-6P, IRC & VOIP online

Location TBD for in person meetings - I've been too busy to determine a
location. I know I'd prefer it to be in Soda or Cory hall. Perhaps
Soda hall 3rd floor lobby this time. Perhaps I'll ask HKN or CSUA
members if they are interested in attending the FreeSW meetings, & see
if anyone who is might like to sponsor it to be at the HKN or CSUA

So, for this month, email me if you'd like to get together near Soda or
Cory, & we'll arrange something to our liking.

Please RSVP to me or the list if you think you'll come to an in person
meeting. Not necessary, but helps my planning.

Join in online (IRC & VOIP) if you can't attend in person. :)

I'm so overloaded with things to do, I'm behind in several BTIP areas.

I just do what I can make some time to do. :)

I think I'm gonna be very short on time through at least January 2011.

So, this fall, I'm probably gonna not be putting together the monthly
talk videos list. There is an opportunity for _you_, dear reader. :)
Just let me know if you'd like to find the videos & list them. :)

I might also not:
get announcements out to local or global mailing lists.

I'm hoping I'll have time to make email announcements to UCB student

I _am_ planning to make an announcement in a few computer classes.

Posters Fall 2010? Who knows if _I_'ll have time.

Hot topics:
1) Ubuntu 10.10 out this month. What new important stuff will U & KU
have? Will KU have the network-manager & pulse-audio gnome stuff
working?! I hope so.!

2) The KUbuntu (idiots) filter/moderate their mailing list. I'm back
being moderated again. (!). One moderator says they will put a post of
mine through if I re-write it for clarity! - Folks, it is an email list
post, not a phd thesis. I am seriously thinking the KUbuntu leadership
is autistic/aspergeric. I wrote an outline of an email to the KU-dev
list, but doubt I'll have time to work it into proper shape to send it.
- I really think the KUbu leadership is not all it could be. But, then,
that's volunteer contribution, so one takes what one gets. ;)

3) How about a BTIP HW Project: iPod touch that runs free sw? Maybe
the EE's & ME's & CS's would be interested? Would _you_ care to assist
in the design?

4) Anyone care to do VOIP improvements, or put a web server, or email
list server, on the BTIP box?

What are _your_ hot topics?

Join in in person, or online. :)

== Join in the Global weekly meetings, via VOIP, about all Free SW HW & Culture

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