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Paul Canning

Jun 13, 2009, 10:51:02 AM6/13/09
to Paul Canning

can you help with this? If you don't have a blog or website, can you
forward on to others?

PLEASE don't use the content below for a post. That's so this effort
remains below the BNP's radar for now!



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From: Matt Wardman <mattw...@gmail.com>
Date: 2009/6/12
Subject: Help Needed please
To: Matt Wardman <mattw...@gmail.com>

I'm doing a little project to knock the BNP website off the Google
results for a search on "is the bnp racist", which goes to
http://bnp.org.uk/2007/12/is-the-bnp-racist/, which is spurious
b*ll*cks (obviously), and replace it with an article with some facts
in it. The point is to give accurate material to casual enquirers
asking about the BBC.

I've built isthebnpracist.co.uk, which is modelled on
isbarackobamamuslim.com, which was effective in the USA presidential
campaign, which should have the firepower to get to the top 2, or even
the top 1. The same article on the WW is already in the Top 5 after 1

What I need is:

1 - A number of people to drop links to isthebnpracist.co.uk into
current or old (or both) articles with link text involving "bnp",
"racist" or similar.

2 - Ditto for isthebnpracist.info, but with the party name rather than
"bnp". This one has just gone up and is not visible yet.

3 - A number of articles to be written on a similar vein on a number
(ideally 2-3 dozen) of different sites. It doesn't matter whether
there are articles less polite than mine, as variety is good, but it
needs enough to crowd out results in favour of the BNP. You need to
mention "BNP" or "British National Party" and "racist" in the title
and relevant keywords in the piece itself, and link back to
(preferably) isthebnpracist.co.uk with relevant keywords as the link
text. It needs the relevant domain name to have a good chance of

These pieces can be quite varied and short, and can be posted back in
time if you like. For example this short one on England Expects is
also ranking but not that high:


I'll be putting this article in a few places as Guest posts, but the
more the merrier. If you can ask a couple of trusted friends to help
that would be good.

My aim is to dominate the search results on this term until at least
the election.


Matt Wardman

web stuff and other ramblings
07986 008420

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