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Sandor Kiss

Sep 2, 2019, 2:50:32 PM9/2/19
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I have two questions regarding BPMN notation for process maps.

1. Is it BPMN compliant to include a little icon in the corner of an activity step to indicate system interaction? If not, is there a better way to indicate this, in addition to referring to the system in the activity step?

2. If a process ends (e.g. Process 1.1.) and throws to a completely different process (e.g. 3.2.), what is the BPMN compliant method of indicating this? Is it by using a none end event with a description including the two process IDs, such as: '1.1./3.2. Process completed', OR is there another notation? I normally use link events, but under BPMN 2.0 link markers only apply to intermediate events, not end events.

Many thanks,

Michelle McWilliams

Sep 11, 2019, 6:40:53 PM9/11/19
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Hi there - it looks like no-one has responded.  
I've attached a .pdf with a few possible solutions to your questions from what I could gather.  

System interaction - depends upon what you mean.  If you mean do an activity using a specific system, then you can attach a computer icon to the activity box.  If you mean that an activity runs automatically, you could use the gear icon (depends upon your process mapping software) and/or attach a note to the box to indicate or explain what happens.  

Signals can be either throwing intermediate or throwing end events.  
Alex Klein BPMN Forum Q09022019.pdf
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