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Jun 17, 2021, 8:28:49 PM6/17/21
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Team, I'm a novice with BPMN. I'm trying to combine these 3 processes to one.

Please help.

Here is the image I have.

I tried to use a parallel gateway like this (see attached...) it didn't work either.

What am I doing wrong?


parallel gateway.JPG
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Jun 19, 2021, 8:09:25 PM6/19/21
to BPMN Forum

I believe you are trying to combine 3 activities (or tasks) and not 3 processes.
It looks to me that these activities are linked sequentially, even though I'm not entirely sure about this as this is not clear in the slides.
However, if indeed there exists a sequential relation between the 3 activities, then your resulting process is quite straightforward ;) (see attached figure).

Please note that in BPMN multiple flows entering an activity are merged exclusively (NOT in parallel). This means that in your solution the activity "Processing Pending" is executed twice and "Deduction Processes" thrice. Having said that, it would be of help if you clarify WHY this solution did not work for you.

Hope it helps.


Jun 19, 2021, 8:09:54 PM6/19/21
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The parallel gateway you created splits the flow in three. Then you do what is called an implicit merge in Processing pending. This is semantically different from doing an explicit merge using a parallel gateway because in the first we do not know the sequence in which the parallel tokens arrive in the merging task. It is the same with the Deduction Processed task at the end btw.
Using a parallel merging gateway ensures that the outgoing flows wait until all parallel flows have arrived. My guess is that is what you intended. 
The flows arriving at the Processing Pending have a problem. You cannot split the flows in the way your diagram shows. Guessing again my model is probably what you intended. The second gateway now waits until all tasks have completed before moving to the end state.
See my model.
BUT! Your model does not seem to be a process flow at all, but a state machine or state transition diagram (just judging the labelling of the tasks). That is not what process models are about. A Task is doing something, and then proceed to doing the next thing.


Jun 23, 2021, 10:21:05 PM6/23/21
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Thanks for detailing this out for me. Apologies the diagram wasn't so clear.

The goal was the process starts with Deduction Created, then can take either of the 3 paths - go directly to either of deduction processed,  go to processing pending and then deduction processed or back-up ready and then deduction processed. Backup ready and process pending aren't dependent on each other.

In that case the parallel process should be an implicit gate way?

Am I correct?


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