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Marilyn Thompson

Jun 26, 2022, 1:48:27 PMJun 26
to Cheri Mello
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I know a lot of information about this marriage. I know there are some things I am missing..
Date 8 Jan1825 Topo
Groom: Joaquim Jose Machado does it give his age?______
Father: Antonio Jose Machado
Mother: Maria Silveira
I see something about a baptism?????______________________

Bride: Laureanna Ritta   her age_______
Father: Manuel de Sousa Lainhas
Mother: Josefa Ritta????What does it say after her name___________
( In other places her name is Rita Josefa)

I have some confusion as to where the groom and bride are from as well as their parents.

Thank YOU
Marilyn T

Boyd McKee Kitchen

Jun 26, 2022, 6:25:47 PMJun 26
I see a reference to Sao Tiago after Josefa Ritta's name, natural de _______ Sao Tiago.
Boyd K

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Jun 26, 2022, 7:07:49 PMJun 26
to Azores Genealogy
There are no ages given and it only gives the nativity of the bride and groom.  The baptism references are just to say where the bride and groom were baptized.

The groom is native of Topo (Matirz da NS do Rosario) where he was baptized.  I think he he completed obligations for the last three Lents at Sé do Santissimo Salvador in Angra so I assume he was staaying on Terceira for a while.

As Boyd said, after the bride's mother's name it just says that the bride is from Ribeira Seca (parish of São Tiago).  It goes on to say she was baptized there and completed obligations for the last 3 Lents there.

I would make a note that Josefa Rita's name is recorded differently on this record; if most other records say Rita Josefa I am sure that would be correct.  Sometimes mistakes were made.

Bill Seidler

Jorge Aparicio

Jun 26, 2022, 7:37:10 PMJun 26

Hi Marylin
1) It doesn't give his age
2) It says that the groom was baptized in that same church of Topo
3) It doesn't give her age
4) Josefa Ritta da ¿ Coracao ? de Santiago
5) It states that the bride was baptized in ¿ Secca ?

Hope this helps.



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