The Scientific Proof of God

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The Scientific Proof of God

George E. Hammond


Abstract:-- This paper follows The Cartesian Theory (Hammond, New Ideas
in Psychology Vol. 12(2), 1994) which advanced 3-axis brain cleavage
as the cause of the Structural Model. This second paper reports
gravitational curvature in the brain. Intelligence plus Personality
form a 4D space. The eigenvector of the 4x4 metric is the Secular
Trend and Einstein curvature Guv of linearized gravity. Penrose's
quantum brain gravity is the source thus confirming the
Hameroff-Penrose model. This factor proves to be the classical "God"
of history. A causal link between Relativity and the Structural Model
yields the world's first experimentally confirmed scientific proof of

I Introduction: George Gamow's relativistic
world of Mr. Tompkins.

Sir Roger Penrose was the first to suggest that gravity controls
the human brain (Penrose 1989, 1994). Many scientists are skeptical.
In a 1994 lecture at the Isaac Newton Institute Stephen Hawking made
the following comment to Roger Penrose: "One doesn't need quantum
gravity to explain Schrodinger's cat or the operation of the brain. It
is a red herring." (Hawking and Penrose 1996, p. 121). The discovery
reported here suggests that Stephen Hawking is wrong, at least about
the human brain, and Roger Penrose is correct. The reason is that
Psychometry has uncovered an enormous relativistic curvature in brain
function. Classical gravity being eliminated, we are left to conclude
that quantum gravity somewhere in the brain must be the cause.
Coincidentally then, the natural candidate for this phenomena is Roger
Penrose's quantum brain gravity hypothesis.
If that was all, perhaps a mere Psychometry discovery would only be
of passing interest, however this discovery includes a truly breath
taking corollary. It is elementary to show that the discovery of a
curvature in psychometry space yields a stunning explanation of "God".
In view of this startling development, the fact that gravitational
curvature only appears as a factor analytic identification becomes an
objection that pales into insignificance.
Given the novel claims of this paper, it is relevant to mention
that there is an intriguing historical background. In 1940, the famous
Russian-American physicist George Gamow wrote a fictional story about a
world where the speed of light was only 10 miles per hour (Gamow and
Stannard 1999). Because of this, people could actually see relativity.
Relativity caused people to shrink in size and behave oddly.
According to the present theory, Gamow's world is real, but the cause
of this dramatic effect is General Relativity, not Special Relativity.
It is Gravity that is vastly altered, not the speed of light. Unknown
to Gamow, quantum gravity in the brain produces an enormous classical
curvature in perceptual reality, drastically changing the visible size
and speed of the world. We now realize why Gamow's story captured the
public imagination and has passed through 20 printings. Gamow was
describing "God".
Before leaving this introduction I should mention the title The
Scientific Proof of God. Today it is absurd to believe that anyone
could claim priority in such a discovery. For one thing, if God is
explained by gravity Albert Einstein or even Isaac Newton by
discovering the theory of gravity must be given that priority.
Interestingly, Einstein, a firm believer in God stated that he believed
in a Cosmical God but not a Personal God (Jammer 1999). The term
Personal God refers to an anthropomorphic deity, that is God in the
form of an invisible man. It is historical irony then that this paper
not only proves God really is an invisible man, but identifies
Einstein's theory as the proof of it.
With that, we turn to a presentation of this newly discovered
theory. We begin with a brief explanation of what Psychometry is, and
then move on to the central psychometric result itself and its
connection to the theory of General Relativity.

II Discovery of the Structural Model of Personality.

The author is a physicist and this paper is written primarily for
physicists. This makes explaining a linear algebra theory like
Psychometry(1) a simple task. In fact, a physicist can easily
comprehend this entire thesis once he has been briefed on Psychometry.
The theory is based on the discovery that the orthogonal cleavages of
human anatomy, specifically in the brain, cause the orthogonal
eigenvectors of Psychometry. The geometry is 4-dimensional and
mathematically identical to what physicists call "linearized gravity".
The reason for this is that the orthogonal structure of real space is
the cause of the orthogonal structure of human anatomy (Hammond 1994).
As Relativists know, the eigenvector of the spacetime metric is caused
by mass and is called Gravity. As we shall demonstrate, the
eigenvector of the psychometry metric is caused by brain growth and is
called "God". Since real space causes psychometry space¾ God is
caused by Gravity. Penrose's brain gravity is identified as the
(semiclassical) source of this curvature. Now, compared to
contemporary physics this is an elementary theory. How could such an
elementary result lie undiscovered until 2003? The reason is that
Psychology is statistics and required computers capable of
diagonalizing a 200´200 matrix and 40 years of psychometrists using
them testing millions of people, to finally allow Physics to recognize
this structure.
Having explained this theory in a single paragraph I'm sure it
raises a host of questions in the minds of most scientists. That is
why we must spend 10 more pages examining details and explaining how an
invisible man, the God pictured on the Sistine Chapel ceiling, actually
exists and is caused by Gravity. We begin with a briefing on what the
science of Psychometry is.
Psychometry is the field of psychology measurement; mainly IQ and
Personality tests. The Stanford-Binet and Wechsler IQ tests, the
Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Test are well known examples.
Modern Psychometry is based on the linear algebra of Factor
Analysis, the Factor Analysis of written questionnaires mainly. As a
simple heuristic example, an unabridged dictionary contains roughly
4,000 adjectives describing human personality (Allport and Odbert
1936). A core list of about 200 substantially describes it. These are
words such as:

raffish, effete, hidebound, taciturn, optimistic, facetious, congenial,
flamboyant, impudent, gullible, suspicious, skeptical, naive, prudish,
jovial, witty, smug, pompous, gregarious, polite, cynical, .... etc.

By making up a simple 200 word Adjective Checklist and giving it as
a test to 5,000 people with instructions to score each adjective from
-5 to +5 as to how well it describes themselves, one can compute the
correlation coefficients (of described behavior) between the 200
adjectives. In this case such a procedure yields a 200´200
correlation matrix describing human personality (Goldberg 1994,
Cattell 1973).
(1) "Psychometry has two definitions. Here we are discussing mental
measurements (IQ, Personality tests etc.). To avoid possible confusion
the term Psychometrics is often used.

Factor Analysis is the method by which the Structural Model of
Personality is deduced from the matrix. Every real symmetric matrix
has what are known as eigenvectors. This correlation matrix is a
scalar product matrix where each adjective is modeled as a vector in a
vector space. The correlation coefficient is the cosine of the angle
between vectors. If all the correlations were zero the space would be
200 dimensional, but because most of the correlations are nonzero the
vectors occupy far less than 200 dimensions. The Rank of the matrix is
the dimensionality of the space, the Rank being identical to the number
of eigenvectors since the eigenvectors are coordinate axes of the
space. A modern desktop computer can easily determine the Rank and
extract the eigenvectors. This is called "Factoring" the matrix. This
vector space is referred to as "Psychometry space" and every point in
it represents a different personality type as measured by the
coordinate axes of the space.
Suppose the Rank of the matrix turned out to be three(2). Then what
we would know is that the Structural Model of Personality is
3-dimensional. One might be able to discover this using psychoanalysis
(Freud did apparently, the Tripartite Model), but there is no way to
measure it. Psychometry is a way of measuring it. Further, by
observing which of the 200 vectors load on each of the 3 dimensions, we
can identify the 3-dimensions. That is, we can discover the names of
the 3-dimensions.
Incidentally, one can see that there is nothing psychoanalytical
about this procedure. It involves only the simple categorization of
objectively visible human behavior on a large statistical basis. To
that extent it is a scientifically "metrical" procedure. While
Freudian Psychology belongs to a premetrical era, the invention of
Psychometry early in the last century marks the beginning of the modern
metrical era. Largely as a result of this, and advances in Brain
Science, in 1982 the prestigious International Council of Scientific
Unions (ICSU) admitted the International Union of Psychological
Sciences (UPsyS) to full membership, de facto recognizing Psychology as
a "science".
Meanwhile, 70 years of research by many thousands of investigators
in an enormous peer reviewed academic literature, has actually
confirmed that personality space is 3-dimensional, and these 3
dimensions have been named E, N, and P; Extraversion, Neuroticism and
Psychoticism (Eysenck 1990)(3). Of course the methodology now extends
to elaborately written modern questionnaires not merely adjective
checklists, and includes sophisticated physiology methods also (Eysenck
1990, Cattell 1973). However, there is still something missing which
makes the discovery fall short of a scientific law. No one can explain
why personality should be 3-dimensional. Until that is discovered, we
do not have a scientific law.
This is where the author's preliminary paper comes in (Hammond
1994). In that paper I published the first experimentally confirmed
explanation of why the 3-dimensional result exists. I showed that the
3-Factor result is caused by the 3-axis anatomical cleavage of the
brain. The 3-axis orthogonal cleavage of the brain is caused by the
3-axis structure of space, hence¾ Personality is 3-dimensional because
space is 3-dimensional. As we are about to see, this axiomatic
principle turns out to be the master key which unlocks the world's
first scientific proof of God.
(2) Actually the rank is about 30 and these are called the 1st order
Factors (eigenvectors). After "rotation and refactoring", 13-2nd order
Factors are found, then 4-3rd order Factors, and finally 1-4th order
Factor (Cattell 1973). ENPg are both 2nd and 3rd order Factors [1].
This is discussed in Sections IV and VI.
(3) Eysenck's ENP are identified as Cattell's 2nd order Factors QI,
QII, QIV (Exvia, Anxiety, Independence) by both Cattell and Eysenck in
the case of E and N, and by the author in the case of P.

There is much more to this 3-dimensional discovery and it is
detailed in my 1994 paper. Besides the 3-orthogonal dimensions E,N,P,
there are also 10 oblique dimensions. I showed in that paper and in
subsequent work, that all 13 of these experimentally known dimensions
are (correlationally) the 13 symmetry axes of a cube. E,N,P are simply
the 3 normals of the cube, the Principal Axes of personality space.
For decades Factorists have been arguing over whether there are 3, 4,
5, 7, 9 or 13 dimensions (Eysenck 1991). My paper resolved the entire
problem by showing that everyone is right, and that all the different
models are simply geometrical redactions of a cube. This is due as I
have shown, to the fact that the human brain is structurally cubic,
possessing the 8 corner octants (brain lobes) of a cube. This
resolution of the Structural Model controversy is overwhelming
experimental support for the present theory. At this point I will have
to refer the reader to the original paper (Hammond 1994) as we must
move forward to the topic of this paper, the scientific explanation of

III That the unification of Personality and Intelligence is
caused by Einstein's unification of space and time.

Intelligence and Personality are two different phenomena.
Historically, Psychometry is divided into two eras. 1900-35 saw the
study of Intelligence by Sir Francis Galton, Karl Pearson, Charles
Spearman and Sir Ronald Fisher whom founded Statistics and Factor
Analysis and which produced the modern IQ test by 1935. After that,
Louis Thurstone, R. B. Cattell and Hans Eysenck turned this new
mathematics on personality research, which with the aid of modern
computers resulted in the discovery of E,N,P in Personality by 1990.
Until now it has never been suspected that there might be a structural
connection between Intelligence and Personality, but as we are about to
see, there is. This connection turns out to be the same as the
connection between Time and Space, discovered by Albert Einstein!
I discovered this connection quite by accident 3 years after the
publication of the Cartesian Theory. I discovered some advanced
research by Raymond B. Cattell the most accomplished experimentalist
ever to investigate Psychometry. His research indicated that there
were 4 factors, not 3 (Cattell 1975) [1]. Since I had just published
that the 3 dimensions of space XYZ cause ENP, it seemed impossible that
there could be 4 dimensions. Then I noticed that Cattell had included
Intelligence in his factor analysis, and I suddenly realized that the
Structural Model was not only caused by the 3-dimensions of space, but
that all 4-dimensions of "spacetime" caused factors. Intelligence
correlates with the 4th dimension¾ Time. The past 4 decades of
research on intelligence has confirmed that Mental Speed is the
principal biological component of intelligence (Eysenck 1997, Jensen
1998). Speed correlates with time. The explanation of an enormous
mystery was revealed. What I realized, is that since the most
phenomenal thing about spacetime is that it is curved as Einstein
discovered, and since spacetime causes psychometry space, that
psychometry space must be curved also and that this curvature would
appear as a "higher order factor" in psychometry. Cattell's 1975 paper
had even predicted such a factor. Knowing as I did by then that the
phenomena of brain growth probably explained this factor, I immediately
realized that this final, lone, gravitational factor was probably
"God"¾ the classical God of history. The fact that all of Psychology
ends in a single axiomatic physics factor, namely Gravity, is a
powerful clue! In the next section we establish that brain growth is
the direct biological cause of this final factor.

IV The identification of the Secular Trend
as the direct biological cause of God.

Besides the simple factors we extracted from the correlation
matrix, there are also "higher order factors". This is due to
something called Simple Structure. We would expect 200 random words to
form a spherical cloud in psychometry space. They do not, actually
they form distinct bands or streaks. Long ago, Louis Thurstone the
discoverer of Multiple Factor Analysis suggested that the factors, that
is the eigenvectors, should be "rotated" to the center of these streaks
to give a more meaningful interpretation of the axes (Thurstone 1947).
Dubbed "Rotation to Simple Structure" this quickly proved physically
meaningful. Today desktop computers utilizing commercial statistical
programs perform thousands of these rotations automatically every day
in factor analytic research, not only in Psychometry but in dozens of
other Natural Science fields. The consequence of rotation is that the
eigenvectors, or factors, are no longer orthogonal or "independent" of
one another. This points to the existence of some higher order cause
mutually influencing all 4 factors, causing them to correlate. Because
of rotation to oblique, or curved structure, there is now a 4´4
matrix, which like the original 200´200 matrix, can be factored all
over again to extract a new "higher order" eigenvector. In Physics,
curvature of the 4 spacetime axes is the cause of Gravity. In
psychometry, curvature of the 4 psychometry space axes is the cause of
"God", as we shall see in the sequel.
As I stated above, Cattell never factored his 1975 experimental
4´4 3rd order matrix to the 4th order [1]. However, having found a
theoretical explanation of the 4th order factor, I sent Cattell's 4´4
correlation matrix to Drs. Paul Barrett and David Routh in England.
They factored the matrix using an SPXX computer program. Sure enough,
the 4th order factor appeared. The existence of God has been
experimentally confirmed!
Now, factor analysis only discovers factors it does not tell us
what is causing them. In this case however the direct biological cause
is not hard to find. The cause turns out to be something called the
Secular Trend in human growth. The Secular Trend is the name given to
a now well known biological discovery made over 75 years ago, that Man
is not fully grown (Tanner 1981, Dasgupta and Hauspie 2001). In fact,
it was discovered that Man is becoming more fully grown with each
passing generation. This effect is not genetic, it is due to the
rising world standard of living, particularly nutrition. At first it
was noticed in increasing height. It is frequently remarked that
modern Man is so much taller than his ancestors that practically no
modern soldier can fit into a Medieval suit of armor. So dramatic and
well established is the literature on this subject that a report on the
Secular Trend has even made the front cover of Time Magazine (Steckel
1996). Since the entire human body is growing larger, the brain is
also getting larger, and this contributes to a rising level of world
intelligence (IQ) known as the Flynn Effect (Jensen 1998, 325, 318).
Intelligence is apparently rising at the rate of 3 IQ points per decade
while height is currently rising several inches per century. Obviously
this can't continue forever and it is generally recognized that this is
a sigmoidal or S-Curve that eventually will level off at 100% growth.
At that point Man will have reached his full theoretical (or genotypic)
size. Apparently, this final eventuality will occur thousands of years
in the future.
Meanwhile, the origin of this human growth deficit which the
Secular Trend is slowly reducing, can be graphically diagramed on an
individual human growth curve, Figure 1.

So there is a long term Secular Trend in human brain growth and it
increases intelligence. That intelligence increases with brain growth
is witnessed by human intelligence increasing from 0 at conception to
maximum at age 18; the principal cause being the growth of the brain
from 0 to 3 pounds. Because of this, intelligence is divided by age
(up to age 18) to determine IQ or intrinsic (genetic) intelligence.
Although it is normally taken for granted, it is important to
underscore here that intelligence is a direct function of brain growth.
The simple fact that intelligence from the 3rd order loads on the
single 4th order factor (Cattell 1975), and as we have just pointed out
intelligence is nominally proportional to brain growth, is what
securely identifies the biological cause of the 4th order factor as
brain growth. As we shall see, while this growth affects intelligence
at the 2nd and 3rd order (and E,N,P as well), it has a singular effect
on mental perception at the 4th order. At the 4th order, brain growth
determines the percentage of reality (size and speed of the world) that
a person can actually see; and therein lies the explanation of why this
factor is identified as "God". The proof of this subjective phenomena
is more completely addressed in Section VI. In the meantime, we return
to the identification of Gravity as the ultimate physical cause of this
4th order factor.

V Mathematical evidence that gravity
is the ultimate physical cause of God.

The theoretical significance of a connection between Gravity and
God cannot be overstated. First¾ since gravity is real, God is real.
Secondly, tradition tells us that God is "supernatural" and we find
that Relativity explains the supernatural aspect of God. Relativity is
the only physical phenomena which causes a "supernatural" effect on
reality; reality being space and time itself.
Now, the first thing we have to do in this section is clarify a
fundamental issue, and that is, how and why; real space causes
psychometry space. The explanation is this. Ordinary space of common
experience is Euclidean (Cartesian). This means that the Pythagorean
Theorem holds: r2 = x2+y2+z2. This is the quadratic equation of a
circle or a sphere. Because of this, Euclidean space is known as the
space of "rigid body rotations". With any other metrical law we would
not be able to rotate a rigid body in space without rupturing it, we
could not even turn our heads. Herman Helmholtz (1868), Bernhard
Riemann (1854), Herman Weyl (1918) and others discovered this long ago.
This fact causes Nature to impress a quadratic metric on the real
world, meaning that spacetime must have a metric which is Euclidean in
3 dimensional space.
Having ascertained that, it is also known that there are only a few
"simple" coordinate systems in Euclidean space: Cartesian, Polar,
Cylindrical and Spherical. Further, Mechanics teaches us that "simple
machines" are nothing but mechanical realizations of these elementary
coordinate systems. A brick is Cartesian, a wheel is Polar, a screw is
Cylindrical, a ball bearing is Spherical. But, of all the simple
machines the Cartesian is by far the simplest and most common. It is
for this reason, that Nature uses the Cartesian Body Plan for all
(multicellular) plants and animals including Man. The vertebrate
skeleton is 3-Axis Cartesian (Owen 1848). The human body is a Cartesian
Machine and this causes the human brain to be 3-axis Cartesian, which
in turn causes psychometry to be 3-axis Cartesian (see Hammond 1994 for
details). Hence, it is the geometry of real space that causes the
geometry of psychometry space, and from this we see that for the same
reason a curvature of real space can cause a curvature of psychometry
space. Since we identify the curvature in psychometry space as God,
and we know the curvature in real space is Gravity, we conclude that
gravity causes God; at least as far as Physics is concerned.
The next step is to discover specifically what gravity variable is
causing God. Is it the force of gravity, the potential, the curvature
or exactly what? It turns out there is a simple way to discover this.
We can compare the metric of psychometry space to the metric of real
space. Since the metric of real space contains gravity explicitly, we
will find out what the relation between gravity and psychometry is. To
do this, we compare two famous equations, one from Psychometry and one
from Relativity.
First we recall that mathematically it is always possible to split
an oblique matrix (the 4´4 metric in this case) into the sum of a
diagonal matrix plus a smaller oblique matrix. This fact underlies both
of the following equations. Physically, the interpretation of this is
that the diagonal matrix represents an undisturbed orthogonal
coordinate system, and the second smaller oblique matrix describes the
physical influence (eigenvector/factor) that is causing this orthogonal
coordinate system to become oblique.

The first equation then, is Thurstone's classical decomposition of
a correlation matrix into Specific and Common (or higher order)
factors. This is the fundamental equation of Factor Analysis and is
well known (Thurstone 1947, 81 Fig. 8). In this correlation matrix the
4 metrical dimensions are taken to be E,N,P and g:

Psychometrists will notice that I have added an additional [hii2]
matrix, to each side of Thurstone's original equation. This is simply
a coordinate (scale) change which removes the statistical normalization
("z-scoring") from the correlation matrix on the left and converts it
to a covariance matrix. It is still the metric of the space. The intent
is to shift the unity normalization from the original correlation
matrix on the left to the Specific matrix on the right thus making
Thurstone's equation directly comparable to Einstein's equation which
is presented next. Note that all 6 off diagonal elements are
abbreviated with a single (rij) to simplify the notation.

The second equation is Einstein's linearized version of the
spacetime metric (Einstein [1922] 1996, 86). This expansion was first
used in his original 1915 paper and is the fundamental equation of what
is known as "linearized gravity" in Relativity (Misner et al. 1973, Ch.
18). In this case the 4 metrical dimensions are X,Y,Z and t, the 4
dimensions of spacetime:

The point of comparing these two equations is that they each
represent the 4´4 metric of their respective spaces; psychometry space
and real space. Since we have just demonstrated that real space causes
psychometry space, the second equation must physically cause the first.
Comparing these two equations we see that they are the same if we
equate 2F in Einstein's equation with hii2 in Thurstone's equation.
This is the explicit mathematical relation between Gravity and
Psychometry that we are looking for. F as we know from Physics is the
(Newtonian) gravitational potential . However, because Einstein's
metric contains exact quantities, and Thurstone's statistical
quantities, we find that actually we have the case hii=F. This is
because statistical variables add as the root mean square whereas exact
quantities add arithmetically. Adding 2 standard deviations, 1 and h,
does not yield (1+h) but actually Ö(12+h2) » (1+1/2 h2); to first
order. Therefore we see physically that h corresponds to F, or hii=F.
Further however, the magnitude of h44 which is the "communality"(4) of
the 4th psychometry dimension, g or Mental Speed, is proportional to
the standard deviation of brain growth from the population mean M. This
is in accord with the established fact that intelligence is
proportional to brain growth. However, since time, the 44-element of
Einstein's equation correlates negatively with speed (speed=time-1), we
see that F is actually an increase in the brain growth deficit (1-M)
thus identifying F with "God" as shown in Figure 1. Thus we have
formally established that God is identified with the gravitational
potential. Incidentally it is hardly necessary to appeal to
mathematics to see this. The elements in Einstein's metric are well
known to be the "gravitational potential" and thus by simple inspection
we see that the psychometry variables must depend on the potential F.
(4) "Communality" (hij), means the projection of the vectors on the
(common) higher order Factor; in this case the brain growth deficit.
The magnitude of the latter is proportional to the standard deviation
of brain growth from the population mean M, hence so to is the
magnitude of the hij.

However there is more to the story. The gravitational potential
appears merely as the communality or projection of the ENPg vectors on
the higher order factor, it is not the higher order factor itself.
There must be some other Relativity variable which is actually the
higher order factor and which we can identify as the "physical cause of
God". This factor must be a function of the metric so that F will
correlate with it, and it must be caused by brain growth since brain
growth is the cause of God. It turns out that there is little
difficulty in identifying this variable as Guv , the Einsteinian
curvature. The reason it is curvature that corresponds to brain growth
is that the central equation of Relativity, Einstein's Field Equation,
says that CurvatureºG=T, where T is the mass density or "source
term". This source term in psychometry space must of course be the
brain growth deficit [3], since as we have shown the brain growth
deficit is the source term for God (cf. Figure 1)(5). Since T is
equated to the curvature by Einstein, and since the curvature is
exclusively a function of the metric, this tells us that G, the
gravitational spacetime curvature, is in fact the identity of the
higher order factor. Hence we may write:

God = Guv

What we have arrived at is that God is mathematically described by the
Einstein Curvature Tensor of General Relativity. What this result says
then, is that when we look at a person and take note of his degree of
growth, we are looking at the time and space dilations of his World.
While this is all too familiar to parents who are used to observing
children, who have very large natural growth deficits, the Secular
Trend says there is a terminal growth deficit in all adults. We see
now, how it is that Gamow's world actually describes the real world,
and why each one of us is dramatically "seeing relativity" in everyday
Now, it is the Field Equation that tells us to put 2F in Einstein's
linearized metric, and it is this metric that tells us there is a space
and time dilation. The space and time dilations define a person's
reality, or world. Equation 5 yields the well known formulas for
these dilations (Misner et al. 1973, p. 445 eqn. 18.15c):

But, from our analysis above F=h44, the dilation in Mental Speed.
Equation 5 also shows F=h11=h22=h33 , the dilation in E, N and P(6).
Thus we see that Mental Speed change (or intelligence change) due to
brain growth is actually a relativistic time dilation, and also that
the changes in personality due to brain growth are accompanied by a
gravitational space contraction, a "spatial magnification" of reality.
Both of these facts are in accord with the common observation that more
fully grown people are larger and faster and hence see a smaller and
slower world, or per contra, less fully grown people are smaller and
slower and see a larger and faster world. In particular, the Secular
Trend says none of us are fully grown, therefore the World looks larger
and faster to everybody than it actually is. This difference (and its
variability) between actual reality and visible reality, is the
explanation of what we call "God". These then are the immediate
Relativistic laws by which God governs human reality, by dictating the
size and speed of the world, or the percentage of the world that each
individual is permitted to see. Since this is an absolute governance
of human reality, we say that God rules the World.
(5) Note that the word "God" used throughout this paper refers to the
percentage of the brain which is ungrown. Thus "God" refers to the
traditional "invisible God" of Heaven in Theology. The balance of
God, the grown part of the brain, is God incarnate, or Man on Earth.
Thus God historically descending from Heaven to Earth, or even a
miracle, is a theological description of brain growth.
(6) In the Lorentz Gauge the dilations are equal. As psychometrists
know, the communalities of ENP and g will seldom be equal. This simply
means that brain growth (and hence F) although linear in ENPg, is not
isotropic, presumably because of asymmetric brain growth, and that
Factor space coordinates (z-scored) are not actually Lorentz Gauge
coordinates. This does not qualitatively affect the scientific
arguments presented here.

Finally, physicists will recognize this Section as merely an
elementary outline of Relativity. The only thing new here is that
Psychometry has been causally equated to Relativity. XYZt is equated
to ENPg. Mass density is equated to the brain growth deficit, and the
conclusion is that God is caused by Gravity [1, 2]. In other words,
the structure of Psychometry is physically caused by the structure of
Relativity. Of course we have only demonstrated this to first order
(Factor Analysis=Linearized Gravity), however in traditional
perturbation theory fashion we presume that it holds exactly.
Psychometry incidentally is well known to be nonlinear (Thurstone 1947,
322). Hence there is little question of the correctness of the
mathematics. There is only the causal connection between spacetime and
Psychology space to be established. This paper simply amounts to a
rational scientific demonstration of that long suspected connection;
via Cartesian brain cleavage and the Secular Trend.
Now, we have yet to identify the source of this gravity that is
apparently mediating brain growth. It can't be terrestrial gravity
because that has been constant for millions of years while the Secular
Trend varies noticeably in a century. In fact it is generally agreed
that the Secular Trend is a standard sigmoidal S-curve climbing toward
a 100% plateau. We anticipate that this curve describes how Man is
making progress towards "kingdom come" with ever increasing growth
moving him towards 100% growth, or the (divine) state of bodily
perfection. The Secular Trend is a biological index of "Human
Progress" as it were. Incidentally this fact has already been
discovered by modern Auxology where the Secular Trend is often referred
to as the "biological standard of living" (Komlos 1993, 115-144). Now
apparently, we might call it the "divine standard of living".
Unexpectedly, an explanation of where this gravity might be has
come from another direction. Sir Roger Penrose, in a celebrated thesis
(Penrose 1994) has advanced the theory that Quantum Gravity,
specifically gravitational curvature in the brain, ultimately controls
brain processes. Currently this is the subject of large scale research
in connection with Stuart Hameroff's experimental work on microtubule
structure in the quantum basis of consciousness (Hameroff and Penrose
1998, Penrose 1994). It can be seen that the present result from
Psychometry appears to be an experimental confirmation of Penrose's
brain gravity hypothesis, a totally unexpected experimental turn of
Now, Factor Analysis only identifies variables. In that sense it
is similar to Dimensional Analysis. Turbulence in hydrodynamics is an
intractable problem, but simple dimensional analysis produces the
Reynolds Number which can predict turbulence. Similarly, Factor
Analysis identifies gravitational curvature as the cause of
psychometric curvature. Of course it does not tell us how anymore than
the Reynolds number explains turbulence. While it is obvious that the
only existing candidate for the gravitational curvature is Penrose's
brain gravity, it is certainly beyond my expertise to propose a model
of how curvature induced "collapse of the wavefunction" in the brain
manifests itself as macroscopic curvature. However, I do not
underestimate the resourcefulness of our theorists in eventually
constructing a plausible model. Apparently Penrose's mechanism
mediates brain growth in an adaptive feedback loop between the external
environment and mental response. Growth in this or that brain lobe is
mediated by quantum gravitational curvatures in many billions of
quantum brain processes. Apparently, there results a macroscopic
curvature in brain growth, representing the cumulative statistical sum
of these quantum curvatures. Certainly it will be interesting to see
what models of this eventually appear. It is remarkable that the
discovery of psychometric curvature is one of the first observations of
quantum gravitational curvature. As Sir Roger Penrose apparently
suspected, the human brain is currently the only device that can detect
quantum gravity!
At this point we must move on to the next section which will show
using elementary evidence, why it is that we can be absolutely
confident that brain growth is the explanation of what has been called
"God" for 3,500 years.

More Here:


Nov 5, 2006, 9:57:56 PM11/5/06
to Atheism vs Christianity
Know what? I don't want proof of God. I don't need the multitude of
posts you have offered. I would not accept someone else's "proof" of
God because if there was proof of God I would loose interest in God. I
would, if proof was provided, stop "believing" in God and, by
definition, become an atheist. I've been an atheist and I've found it
to be incredibly dull. So Paolejingy - if you seek to convert Atheists
to a belief in God through your proofs, be aware you are converting a
believing population into atheists.


Nov 5, 2006, 10:30:09 PM11/5/06
to Atheism vs Christianity

I would also like to add to your comments I don't need the threat of
eternal damnation or the promise of eternal bliss to be a good person.

Jonathan Brandmeier

Nov 5, 2006, 10:35:38 PM11/5/06
I could care less about converting atheists, and I could care less about your pontificating about something that well, in all reality means nothing to me.
You seem angry.
And you are rambling quite incoherently about eternal damnation and bliss.
Dude, get this thru your head.
I could care less about your needs and desires.
I merely responded to a post.
Deal with it.


Nov 5, 2006, 10:43:31 PM11/5/06
to Atheism vs Christianity

No...this is not an addition to my post - speak for yourself. Make
your own damned statement and leave mine alone.

Jonathan Brandmeier

Nov 5, 2006, 10:44:14 PM11/5/06
Can you read?


Nov 5, 2006, 10:59:54 PM11/5/06
to Atheism vs Christianity
Jonathan - learn how to post please. If you can't please stay the hell
out of it.

Jonathan Brandmeier

Nov 6, 2006, 12:43:03 PM11/6/06
On 11/5/06, Red_Pill_Blue_Pill <> wrote:

Jonathan - learn how to post please.  If you can't please stay the hell
out of it.

Red Pill,
Learn how to shut your mouth please. If you can't please stay the hell
out of it.


Nov 6, 2006, 2:16:03 PM11/6/06
to Atheism vs Christianity
That's much show signs of learning capabilities.

Jonathan Brandmeier

Nov 6, 2006, 4:22:31 PM11/6/06
Tardly is tooting his own horn here, although I still have to proofread every thing she pecks out at 4 words per minute.


Nov 6, 2006, 4:32:56 PM11/6/06
to Atheism vs Christianity

Hammond - The Scientific Proof of God The Noetic
Journal Vol. 4 No. 3, July 2003

George E. Hammond


God = Guv




end page 1 of 2


Nov 6, 2006, 4:39:01 PM11/6/06
to Atheism vs Christianity

The Scientific Proof of God

George E. Hammond



Nov 6, 2006, 4:41:55 PM11/6/06
to Atheism vs Christianity


Nov 6, 2006, 6:12:09 PM11/6/06
to Atheism vs Christianity

Know what,you don't want truth.
You'd rather believe your fairy tale.


Nov 6, 2006, 6:55:37 PM11/6/06
to Atheism vs Christianity

paolojoejingy wrote:
> Know what,you don't want truth.
> You'd rather believe your fairy tale.

Are you suggesting that what you offer is Truth? Your posts are
nothing more than fairy tales masquerading as science - it reeks of

Jonathan Brandmeier

Nov 6, 2006, 8:55:21 PM11/6/06
On 11/6/06, Red_Pill_Blue_Pill <> wrote:

I'm stating that what God offers is proof.
Your responses are nothing more than parroted anger, and childish antics.
You are an immense fool of Biblical proportions, and if your head were any more vacuous it would implode.


Nov 6, 2006, 9:22:46 PM11/6/06
to Atheism vs Christianity
The logical flaw in this proof is the belief that the cause is
ultimately God. The cause of this phenomenon is unknown. The authors
have arbitrarily without reason called the cause "God". They have
assumed that which they have set out to prove, assuming that the
findings are real, which I'm sure if I dig I'll find them
questionable... Furthermore you have reduced God to gravities
activities on the brain. Still, even if you and everyone else agree
that this is ultimately caused by a "God" factor you've yet to show
God's purposeful involvement in the everyday activities of people. You
have described God as a physical phenomenon on par with a black hole --
It's there -- we don't understand it -- and we don't even know what it
does -- but it's there. This is a far cry different from any God I've
heard being talked about during Sunday school. If this is your God so
be it. Don't pray to it though - nothing you have shown suggests a
God that answers prayers. Your proof is all a bunch to do with

On Nov 6, 8:55 pm, "Jonathan Brandmeier" <>

> On 11/6/06, Red_Pill_Blue_Pill <> wrote:
> > paolojoejingy wrote:
> > > Know what,you don't want truth.
> > > You'd rather believe your fairy tale.
> > Are you suggesting that what you offer is Truth? Your posts are
> > nothing more than fairy tales masquerading as science - it reeks of

> > desperation.*I'm stating that what God offers is proof.*
> *Your responses are nothing more than parroted anger, and childish antics.*
> *You are an immense fool of Biblical proportions, and if your head were any
> more vacuous it would implode.*


Nov 6, 2006, 9:27:57 PM11/6/06
to Atheism vs Christianity

Jonathan Brandmeier wrote:

> >
> *I'm stating that what God offers is proof.*
> *Your responses are nothing more than parroted anger, and childish antics.*
> *You are an immense fool of Biblical proportions, and if your head were any
> more vacuous it would implode.*

Jonathan - I'm sure you must be missed on some kindergarten playground
somewhere. Toddle off now...

Jonathan Brandmeier

Nov 6, 2006, 9:30:02 PM11/6/06
On 11/6/06, Red_Pill_Blue_Pill <> wrote:

It sounds like English; it even looks like English, but I can't understand a word you're blabbering. Try learning elementary grammar before attempting to inflict your next literary abomination on this message board.Here's a tip: no one will ever know that you've had a lobotomy if you wear a wig to hide to the scars; stop posting your drivel on message boards, and learn to control the slobbering. Is that a conclusion or simply the place where you got tired of thinking? However, I'll consider letting you have the last word if you guarantee it will be your last. :-)


Nov 6, 2006, 9:38:15 PM11/6/06
to Atheism vs Christianity

Are you four years old or five?


Nov 6, 2006, 11:47:51 PM11/6/06
to Atheism vs Christianity

Jonathan Brandmeier wrote:
> On 11/6/06, Red_Pill_Blue_Pill <> wrote:
> >
> >
> >
> > Jonathan Brandmeier wrote:
> >
> > > >
> > > *I'm stating that what God offers is proof.*
> > > *Your responses are nothing more than parroted anger, and childish
> > antics.*
> > > *You are an immense fool of Biblical proportions, and if your head were
> > any
> > > more vacuous it would implode.*
> >
> > Jonathan - I'm sure you must be missed on some kindergarten playground
> > somewhere. Toddle off now...
> >
> >
> > >
> > *It sounds like English; it even looks like English, but I can't

> understand a word you're blabbering. Try learning elementary grammar before
> attempting to inflict your next literary abomination on this message
> board.Here's a tip: no one will ever know that you've had a lobotomy if you
> wear a wig to hide to the scars; stop posting your drivel on message boards,
> and learn to control the slobbering. Is that a conclusion or simply the
> place where you got tired of thinking? However, I'll consider letting you
> have the last word if you guarantee it will be your last. :-)
> *
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> <br><br>
> <div><span class="gmail_quote">On 11/6/06, <b class="gmail_sendername">Red_Pill_Blue_Pill</b> &lt;<a href=""></a>&gt; wrote:</span>
> <blockquote class="gmail_quote" style="PADDING-LEFT: 1ex; MARGIN: 0px 0px 0px 0.8ex; BORDER-LEFT: #ccc 1px solid"><br><br>Jonathan Brandmeier wrote:<br><br>&gt; &gt;<br>&gt; *I'm stating that what God offers is proof.*<br>
> &gt; *Your responses are nothing more than parroted anger, and childish antics.*<br>&gt; *You are an immense fool of Biblical proportions, and if your head were any<br>&gt; more vacuous it would implode.*<br><br>Jonathan - I'm sure you must be missed on some kindergarten playground
> <br>somewhere.&nbsp;&nbsp;Toddle off now...<br><br><br><p><strong>It sounds like English; it even looks like English, but I can't understand a word you're blabbering. Try learning elementary grammar before attempting to inflict your next literary abomination on this message

> board.Here's a tip: no one will ever know that you've had a lobotomy if you wear a wig to hide to the scars; stop posting your drivel on message boards, and learn to control the slobbering. Is that a conclusion or simply the place where you got tired of thinking? However, I'll consider letting you have the last word if you guarantee it will be your last. :-)
> <br></strong></p>
> ------=_Part_83663_27485710.1162866602923--

James, you are clearly a very disturbed person - I'll have no more to
do with you. You are dismissed.

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