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Nov 23, 2018, 1:44:01 PM11/23/18
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Gamma Nutrashots

AAP/Gamma NutraShots are suitable for complimentary or every day feeding of ALL fish, corals and other invertebrates. Use as frequently as required, ensuring full consumption and waste with the unique method of sticking morsels on glass.

AAP/Gamma NutraShots are pre-mixed, ready to use food doses designed to enrich the livestock's aquarium environment and stimulate natural grazing and feed responses.
The 12 mm food cubes stick easily to the side of the tank or rock work allowing your fish to graze while giving you a close up view of your fish feeding!
For many fish such as Marine Angels, Tangs, & Butterfly fish along with freshwater Mbuna, Discus and others; NutraShots provide a very naturally stimulating feeding method!

NutrasShots are nutritionally balanced, and made from 100% natural ingredients including Mussel, Krill, Prawn, Fish, Kelp, Spirulina Algae, Aloe Vera, Omega 3, Red and Green Nori, Pro-biotic yeasts, and Garlic.
As well, the ingredients used have been pre-digested, so livestock can easily absorb and retain the nutritional content of the food, and then dried at low temperatures and cold extruded to retain essential amino acids and proteins. All these processes ensure high digestibility and encourage full consumption of the food, reducing waste and water pollution, and ensuring better water quality.

As the food is eaten by fish, fine particles will be released into the aquarium, providing food for small fish, corals and other filter feeders

A GREAT ALTERNATIVE TO FROZEN FISH FOODS and an excellent diet for weak or breeding fish as a compliment to fish foods such as AAP Clay Neighbor's Custom Fish Food!
Think of NutraShots as a frozen fish food that does not need freezing (basically a hybrid frozen dry fish food with moisture content closer to many frozen fish foods), which is what makes it unique!

Gamma Foods are the food used by Tropical Marine Centre at its four fish-holding facilities in Europe!

Gamma Nutrashots feeding


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