Ozone Generator, Ozonizer for Aquarium

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Dec 5, 2018, 2:32:21 PM12/5/18
to Aquarium Maintenance

Ozone is more effective than practically any other water cleaning agent, breaking down fish waste products allowing them to be skimmed/removed more easily.
This newest generation Ozone Generator by Tropic Marine Center uses the latest technology and includes easily cleaned ceramic plates for Ozone generation.
(Please click on the picture to enlarge)

TMC V² Ozone Ozone Generator- $269.99

• The AAP/TMC V2 Ozone Generator raises oxidizing levels within a Protein Skimmer or similar containment device for salt or freshwater, this in turn helps to break down harmful waste products produced by fish, removing yellowing compounds and creating crystal clear water that will have lower nitrate production.

• If Nitrates are a constant problem, the AAP/TMC V2 Ozone Generator is a MUST HAVE piece of equipment to increase efficiency of any Venturi or Needle Wheel Protein Skimmer.
Long term this product will pay for itself in reduced percentage water changes if water changes are used for nitrate control.

• Suppresses parasite, bacterial and fungal activity providing a healthier environment for livestock in aquariums and ponds, making this an excellent compliment to a UV Sterilizer (which can remove any stray O3 in the aquarium water column)

• Improves skimmer efficiency by converting fish waste into more easily removable by-products.
The TMC V2 Ozone Generator is best used with a venture style Protein Skimmer.
Please see the picture to the left for an installation suggestion diagram (please click on the picture to enlarge)

• Programmable for 25 - 250mg/hr ozone using soft start PWM technology.

• Unique "high purity ceramic" ozone cell design with microprocessor-controlled fan cooling for highly efficient and reliable operation.
Unlike coronal discharge or other generation techniques typically used, the TMC Ozonizer uses a "High Purity Ceramic" cell to generate O3. The method is very efficient: the TMC unit produces copious amounts of O3 with very little electrical consumption.

• Inbuilt timer for 1 - 10 hours ozone generation in consecutive 12 hour periods.

• Splash-proof keyboard and LED front panel.

• LED bar display for both the programmed ozone concentration and timer period.

• Blinking LED indication that ozone output is active.

• Suitable for marine and freshwater aquariums from 5- 660 gallons (25 – 2500 liters) and ponds up to 1300 gallons (5000 liters).

• A quality ozone generator made and designed by Tropic Marine Centre of the United Kingdom (Great Britain).

• Maximum O3 (Ozone) Output- 250 mg per hour at an ambient operating temperature of 5 -40 C with a maximum air flow of 10 liters per minute

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