THE BEST Aquarium/Pond UV-C Sterilizers

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Feb 12, 2019, 2:36:53 PM2/12/19
to Aquarium Maintenance

Aquarium & Pond UV Sterilizer Clarifier |
Green Water | Disease Control

THE BEST UV-C Sterilizers For Sale To Perform 'True Level 1 & 2 Capable Sterilization'

Green Water, Cloudy Water, Disease Control by Aquarium or Pond UV SterilizerWhen you buy your UV Sterilizer or replacement part from us, you are buying from a direct seller with
40+ years of UV Sterilization Expertise with useful articles to back up our customers!

ONLY Category A & B UV Sterilizers sold here at AAP, NO Category C
(A)= AAP Vecton/Advantage UV; (B) = AAP Terminator & CUP Internal UVs

• Our Ultra-Violet Sterilizers are effective for Disease Prevention, Green & Cloudy Water Control, & Improved Redox/Fish immunity

• UV Sterilizers and bulbs are safe for freshwater, ponds, and saltwater aquariums;

• Competitively priced PREMIUM UVC replacement bulbs (NOT the lower UVC output lamps sold elsewhere), for many different UV clarifiers; UV Bulbs; Page 1 & Straight Tube UV Bulbs; Page 2 (patented High Output lamps)


Terminator UV Sterilizer, Clarifier, Kits TMC Premium UV Sterilizer, Clarifier, for Aquarium or Pond UV Bulb, Replacement Lamps, Page 1 Straight Tube UV Bulbs, Replacement Lamps

Submersible Internal UV Sterilizer, Clarifier for Aquarium or Pond Custom 15 Watt UV Sterilizer for Aquarium, Pond Quartz Sleeve and Ballast for UV Sterilizer, Clarifier  Purely Pocket Purifier destroys household bacteria, viruses using UVC light energy, NO harmful chemicals
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