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AAP, the ONLY online source for the full line of AAP Wonder Shells (not Weco)


AAP/Weco Wonder Shell & Sealab

- Aquarium Mineral Block for Cations, Electrolytes

Patent Pending Version By American Aquarium Products (AAP)
Exclusive Aquarium and Pond Water Conditioner: Regular & Medicated

We are the original internet sellers of Wonder Shells with over 30 years experience using this product.
Why buy from anyone else and then have inaccurate information or simply get the WRONG product or one that is not fresh?
It is noteworthy that Wonder Shells loose their "charge" over time, and only AAP has fresh Wonder Shells made monthly.

As well, Our Patent Pending Medicated Wonder Shells Are Unique And Sold NO WHERE Else Online
We do not just sell these; we also use these products personally. As well, it was our maintenance/research businesses (run by our founder Carl Strohmeyer) that tested, corrected dosing, found what they could and could not do and eventually through AAP, this regional product was made aware to the rest of the world by our founder.

Wonder Shell Display

Regular AAP Wonder Shell (no medication)- Mineral Block.

NEW 1 kg block for extra large aquarium systems and ponds!


Useful for Important Mineralization/Electrolytes, Calcium Carbonate, Water Hardness Control, & more.

Please scroll about 2/3 for information about "Medicated Wonder Shells"
OR to the bottom of the page to purchase.

EXCLUSIVE INFORMATION ABOUT WONDER SHELLS (may not be used without permission from AAP)

• Contains Calcium Carbonate/CaCO3+ cations (a VERY important element for proper Osmotic Function in fish as well as Redox Balance, more important to fish health than parameters such as exact pH!). ALL minor and trace elements in the exact ratio (with the exception of calcium) as found in the ocean.
A few other elements found in minor & trace amounts include: Magnesium, Chloride, Sodium, Sulfate, Potassium, Bicarbonate, Bromide, Borate, Strontium, Fluoride.

Calcium and magnesium have been proven to help fish (and humans) during stress and to help prevent disease due to acid buildup in the brain/body. Important for the prevention (& treatment) of Columnaris and Saprolegnia/Fish Fungus.
These positive mineral ions play a part in adhesion of Columnaris by reducing surface potential and repulsive forces.

Can aid in prevention and treatment of Livebearers/Molly Disease such as "shimmies" and "wasting away" (not from Fish TB) whose general cause is the lack of these important elements.

Redox mineral water changeAAP Wonder Shells add Necessary Minerals/Electrolytes -very important whether your source is this product or another method.

AAP Wonder Shells perform this by adding a constant supply of positive calcium and other positive mineral ions, which are depleted during Redox Balancing while lowering oxidative stress in fish (the picture to the right demonstrates how an AAP Wonder Shell lowers oxidative stress over just water changes).
GH tests cannot discern the ion charge and may show high GH when in reality, these cations are depleted. As well, while a Redox Meter may not show a difference in some well balanced aquariums with natural Reducers present, the Wonder Shells can react much better to oxidizers that might become present than natural reducers (the Potassium Permanaganate test can verify this).
See also this article: Aquarium Chemistry; GH, Depletion of Positive Ions

This video helps demonstrate how mineral Cations remove oxidizers (including chlorine):
AAP Wonder Shell, Oxidizers, chlorine, Aquarium Co-op
VIDEO: Aquarium Redox Part 2 | Oxidizers & Reducers | AAP Wonder Shell Experiment

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