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Aquarium Maintenance

& UV Sterilizers.



Discussions need not only apply to UV Sterilization or UV Sterilizer Reviews, but to other filtration, water parameter controls, diseases, or whatever other aquarium or pond information may be helpful.


This group tends towards information updates, for another group with even more information updates as well as more active forum group (this is where I primarily "reside" in forums), I recommend: Everything Aquatic.

Also the aquatic news blog: "Fish as Pets" may also be of interest

'Fish as Pets' has many excellent articles debunking myths, or reviews such of the parasite retailer "Pet Mountain" and the over rated EcoTech Radion.


For our full Aquarium and Pond Information Articles and links:

Aquarium Information; Aquatic Resources and Articles 

such as Aquarium Chemistry,  Aquarium Lighting, & Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle


For my abbreviated Blog Information site with more outside directories such  The Krib, Cichlid Reseach:

Aquarium Information Links


For my Aquarium & Pond Answers Blog with regular posts of questions & answers such as; Do fish drink? Reset vs, Non-Preset Heaters, and much more:

Aquarium (and Pond) Answers  With Top Notch Articles such as "Salt in Freshwater Aquarium", "Do Fish Drink; Use of RO, Water Softener Water in Aquarium", Aquarium AlgaeAquarium Silicone Use, or arguably one of the most scientific article on the subject: PUR vs. PUR in Aquarium Lighting

Or this excellent Beginner Internet Group: Fish Beginner; Aquarium Forum

For UV Replacement Bulbs:

UV Bulbs; Page 1 -Compact UV Bulbs (H Series)

UV Bulbs; Page 2 -Standard T5, T8, & T10 UV Bulbs

For the ONLY true professional online seller of AquaRay Lighting, not pirate web sites that bought out Google's poor search engine:

AquaRay Lighting

Fish Dying; Google Groups