Mansfield / Lincoln Streets dog park

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May 16, 2022, 12:24:25 PMMay 16
to AllstonBrighton2006
Hello everyone! As you may know, a group of volunteers has been trying to clean and maintain the dog park at Mansfield and Lincoln in Allston. This parcel is owned by Eversource, not the city, so there is no official group or organization in charge of keeping it clean. The volunteers have been cleaning up broken glass and nip bottles and trying to keep the poo situation under control. There is no barrel for poo and I've asked Conor if he can get the city to install a barrel on that corner. People have been putting the poo in bags on the fence but nobody is around to take the gross bag out on trash night, and there's no barrel to put it in anyway. 

The park is a lot cleaner now but very grim and empty and uncomfortable. Do you have anything that can be donated to this park to make it less grim? It would be great to get table, umbrella, and chairs, a picnic table, some nice benches, decorative items, etc. 

Thank you for any help you can provide!

Joan Pasquale

May 16, 2022, 1:04:02 PMMay 16
to AllstonBrighton2006
Hi Jean,
Has anyone contacted Eversource the land owner re: maintaining its property?
Granted they're allowing the space to be used as a dog park, but re: Eversource's community service, etc., folks should contact Eversource's Community Service Officer/Community Representative who's also has ABOT/BBOT Membership and ask if Eversource would please assist that area by installing a trash barrel, and a bench, etc. 
Perhaps offering that a neighborhood resident/dog park user would empty the trash barrel and replace the trash bag when full.
Re: Eversource owning the land, you might also need their written permission to place donated items there.
Just a thought!


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