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Owen Ambur

Dec 13, 2022, 10:28:14 PM12/13/22
to Naval Sarda, aboutthe...@googlegroups.com
Naval, I did some testing of the Goal/Objective query field and it seems to be working fine for a search on "education".  As shown in the first screen clip below, that query turns up 727 hits.  The goal/objective descriptions appeaer in the search results list and the links point to them in the context of the documents in which they reside.

Likewise, a query on "advocacy" turns up 191 hits and they all seem to be appropriate.

On the other hand, a query on "machine learning" is less satisfactory.  It turns up 387 hits but many, if not most of them seem to be for "learning" rather than "machine learning".  In the second screen clip below, the first and the third entries on the 16th and final page are proper results and the relevant goal/objective descriptions are displayed.  However, the others all seem to be just for "learning" and the descriptions are either blank or not for the goal/objective itself.

While the full-text query feature takes awhile to execute, I does seem turn up fairly good results for "machine learning".  There are 190 hits, and as shown in the third and fourth screen clips below, most, if not all of them seem to be true hits on that term.  For example, even though it does not appear in the search results list for Consensus, that term does appear in the document, as shown in the fourth screen shot.  Please note also that when I used the word Find feature in Chrome, the terms are highlighted in yellow, which is very helpful when the text is relatively lengthy.  While it may be too much to expect in the initial version of the query service, it would be a good feature to keep in mind for future consideration, particularly for full-text queries, which may deliver longer text than the fielded queries. 

The sixth screen clip below shows that narrowing the full-text query results by "student" stakeholders delivers 3 hits and I'm very pleased to see that process is working at all.  However, using the term "students" turns up 26 hits, meaning that the "student" query missed most of them (when it should turn up not only all of them but also the 3 that it currently does).

While the results will never be perfect, I'm looking forward to working through some of these key kinks.  What I'm seeing is encouraging.

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