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Owen Ambur

Aug 16, 2022, 3:07:46 PM8/16/22
Pradeep & Megan, in follow up to our dialog this morning, NDIA's about statement is now available in StratML format at

Closely related to the purposes of the StratML standard is their Goal 2: CommunityBuild a vigorous, responsive, and collaborative community in support of Defense and National Security.  

Note how the link on Community points directly to the text of goal within the context of the plan.  That's what a StratML query results list should do.  Indeed, one of the mistakes others have made in attempting to develop StratML query services is to assume that it is to be the repository for the plans themselves rather than an index of metadata pointing to the authoritative versions of the plans on the organization's own websites.  While the site is currently the source of all of the plans in the prototypical collection, that is merely a temporary means for demonstration purposes and not the desired end state.  If and, hopefully, when the plans and reports are posted on the orgs' own websites in styled StratML, query services should point directly to the goals and objectives in the authoritative sources of those documents.

See also  Making the defense community a more Truly Connected community of results (CoR) is quite literally a matter of national and international security.

Moreover, the description of NDIA's Space Division reads like a requirements statement for StratML:

The U.S. Department of Defense, intelligence community, and the NDIA Space Division have common interests for collaborating to ensure they are well informed of each other’s plans, perspectives, issues, and concerns to best ensure effective dealings with each other in the National Security Space domain. (emphasis added)

That objective cannot be served on a highly scalable basis without a standard like StratML, together with supportive services.

Since NDIA is a 501(c)(3) organization, they might be a potential beneficiary of tax-deductible contributions from the RMDs on my IRA.  However, I doubt they have the technical expertise to develop a StratML-enabled query service and I'm not particularly interested in supporting the bureaucratic overhead costs associated with middlemen who don't add much real value.  On the other hand, if NDIA were to embrace the standard and effectively promote its adoption and usage, that might be worth a lot.

Meanwhile, several dozen of DoD's plans are available in StratML format at and the Federal agencies whose updated plans I've converted thus far are listed at

Finally, the technical development plan on which I'd like to focus our discusion is available at  On our conference next week, I'd like to review the goals and objectives start fleshing out the target performance indicators. 

Note that the draft plan includes mailto links that address comments to this Google groups discussion list.  So there is no need to wait until next week to get started.

Owen Ambur

P.S. In addition to the previous efforts that I mentioned, Chris Fox's StratNavApp also has a query feature, screen shots from which are available here.  Problems with it include: 

1) it is only available to registered users, 
2) it only queries the users' own plans,
3) while it identifies the type of elements in which the queried terms occur, it does not allow users to limit the query results list based upon the type of element (e.g., goals/objectives, values, stakeholder, orgs, etc.), and
4) unlike Ximdex's prototype, it does not support faceted queries combining elements to restrict the results, e.g., by only presenting goals/objectives of interest to particular stakeholder groups.
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