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Owen Ambur

Dec 2, 2022, 3:27:50 PM12/2/22
to Naval Sarda,
Naval, besides correcting the query logic to be more precise (e.g., with respect to Stakeholder Names), it also seems to me that applying the most recent stylesheet to all of the files in the collection may be the most important next step to get the query service working properly.  Consistent with Raines' Rule #7, doing so would add value in and of itself, regardless of anything else that may or may not be done.

With respect to presentation of query results listings, the hyperlinks should point directly to the files wherever they reside on the Web, via their URLs plus the Identifiers of the relevant elements reveal by the queries. (The search results should not point to the query database itself.  It is metadata, not the data/documents themselves.)  The hyperlinks should probably open in a new brower tab so that closing it returns users to the previous tab showing the query results.

Because Values & Stakeholders don't have identifiers, the best that probably can be done is to link to the sections in which they appear, like this for Values.  Linking to Stakeholders will be more complex since they may occur at three different levels of the schema:  Organization, Goal, and Objective.

However, if the Stakeholder element is queried in conjunction with the Goal/Objective elements, the link should point to the Goal or Objective anyway.  Indeed, as far as the hyperlink is concerned, that's probably fine even if only the Stakeholder element is queried by itself.

In that case, however, what should probably be presented in the query results listing is the Description of the Stakeholder &/or perhaps the Role Description.  On the other hand, if that's too much complexity to take on at once, it could be deferred for consideration later, on the assumption that it is the descriptions of the goals and objectives that matter most, rather than the descriptions of the stakeholders.

With respect to the current collection, I'd probably leave those files where they are but a) create a new folder at, b) place the newly styled renditions there, and c) use Notepad to semi-automatically update my sitemap listing at

As previously indicated, I'll need to understand why the sitemap listing cannot be used to semi-automatically ingest files into the query service and why doing so may require so much time and effort.

Joe Carmel developed Perl script using the sitemap to create the catalog at  I re-run it periodically to update the catalog.  Aside from the opportunity to improve the presentation of the catalog, the biggest problem with the script is that it re-catalogs the entire collection rather than merely the files added or modified since it was last run.

On Friday, December 2, 2022 at 08:17:48 AM EST, Naval Sarda <> wrote:

Hi Owen,

I will get back to you on Monday as developer is on leave today (Friday).


On 02/12/22 12:01 am, Owen Ambur wrote:
Naval, while a complete browse listing, like the one I am providing at, is beyond the scope of what I'm aiming to do in the initial query service, please note that Ashley Berner was highly impressed to see her organization's plan presented in that context ... because it makes evident how much time and effort has been invested in the collection.  (Andre Cusson's StratML stats page was also very useful in that regard.)  Ashley's first question was about who maintains all of those files.

By contrast, she did not take the time to check out the query service prior to our televideo conference nor did she express any intent to do so.  However, she did express interest in considering how StratML might be used to facilitate data collection and analytical capabilities in their ongoing research activities.  While I don't expect any immediate results, it was a very enjoyable conversation and it highlights the opportunity to demonstrate how value can be derived from StratML files.

It would not be surprising if the most common queries were for the users' own names and/or organizations as stakeholders, particularly to keep track of objectives for which they are responsible.  For example, a query on "Chris Fox" discovers 13 files but only because the logic currently retrieves stakeholders with either of those two names rather than just those whose names are exactly as indicated.  The logic of the queries needs to be fixed in that regard.

The bottom line, however, is that I take my interaction with Ashley as cause to continue maintaining my hypertext browse listing unless and until its value can be replaced by something as good or better.

On the other hand, if we decide to apply the most recent stylesheet to all of the documents in the collection, I may stop posting the plain XML renditions and just go with styled XML plus PDF for those that are available in that format.

As I think Jeff knows, I'd love to be able to provide PDF renditions for all of them and I look forward to the day that might be feasible.

While I don't see reference to it at, if memory serves me correctly, Chis' app also enables output in Word (.docx) as well as HTML format.

Kurt is looking into updating the StratML framework in oXygen. |  Since StratML is XML, oXygen should be capable of opening and editing files made available via the query service.

On Tuesday, November 29, 2022 at 12:49:28 PM EST, Owen Ambur <> wrote:

Ashley, I'm looking forward to our conversation tomorrow.

In the meantime, if you get a chance, I invite you to check out the StratML-enabled query service on which Naval is working, at 

The Full Text search capability has not yet been implemented and there are other bugs to be worked out, but if he can get them fixed, I plan to host it at

Among the >5K plans currently available in the database there are 688 goals and objectives referencing "education".  As shown in the screen shot below, seven of them reference "Hopkins" as a stakeholder.

A query on the term "school choice" turns up 26 goals and objectives.

"Performance" is referenced in 377 and "standards" in 478.

A stakeholder query on your name turns up one hit but that's because the query conflates the names of Chris Berner and Ashley Pilipiszyn.

Gaya and I are working to convert the South Carolina agency accountability reports from Excel to StratML format.  If we are able to do so, they will provide a good set of performance indicator data that is currently lacking in the StratML collection.  

In 2018 I manually converted USCB's performance report, at and Jeff is providing StratML-to-PDF conversion service, e.g., at

Several John Hopkins' plans are available in StratML format at, including this one in which you are named as as stakeholder:  I guess that means it must not have been indexed in the query service yet.  However, the term "curricula" is referenced in 24 plans currently available in the database.

On Friday, November 18, 2022 at 12:43:26 PM EST, Ashley Rogers Berner <> wrote:

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