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Owen Ambur

Mar 14, 2022, 8:48:38 PM3/14/22
to Devendra Rajora, Mateen Bhatti, Adnan Akbar, Chris Fox,

Dev, thanks for accepting my invitation to connect on LinkedIn.  If Adnan and/or Mateen are on LinkedIn, I encourage them to connect with us there as well and join the StratML group.  While it has not been active, I'd like to use it to keep the StratML community informed and encourage others to participate in developing the necessary tools, apps, and services.

I updated my documentation of the technical development plan at or, more specifically,

I'm copying the AboutThemInfoPlan Google group discussion forum so that a record of this exchange will be available there.

I look forward to making any further clarifications that may be necessary to ensure there are no misunderstandings and that we are able to successfully complete this project together (and then decide what to do next).


On 3/14/2022 1:18 PM, Owen Ambur wrote:

Devendra, see my comments below, in [brackets].


On 3/14/2022 11:25 AM, Devendra Rajora wrote:
I entered the address, if you open the subject a little more, I can help you better.
[I'm not sure what you mean that you "entered the address".

Of course I will prepare a demo for you.
but first do you want xml files as web or desktop program? and how you want the xml files to be presented to the users, if you share in detail, I will offer you a free demo when I understand you better, and if we agree later, we start work.

[I want a query service that works on the Web, at  I'd like the query interface to be as simple as possible, like Google but with query fields for the names and descriptions of Goals, Objectives, and Stakeholders.  It should be similar to MarkLogic's prototype:]

[The query results might look something like Jorge Sanchez's prototype:  However, what should be displayed in the results lists are: 1) the Descriptions of the Goals, Objectives, or Stakeholders, 2) links to the place where the results occur within each document, like this one that points directly to the Query/Discovery goal, and probably 3) the Names of the Organizations compiling each of the relevant plans.]

[Note that Ximdex provides a relatively attractive UI that remains active, at  However, it does not enable the kinds of queries that are required, leveraging the semantics and structure of the StratML schema.]

I checked the address, there are many details about the project, but there are implicit explanations. What I want is for us to understand each other clearly at every stage.
[Yes, that's why I've suggested that we use Chris' StratNavApp to firm up the details and minimize assumptions and misunderstandings.  However, since his app is a bit of a challenge to use, I also posted a version of the plan at with mailto comment links embedded.  They address messages to a Google groups discussion forum.
Example : Goal 1: Authoring/Editing
Do you want to write and edit the data at this address?

[No! Authoring/editing is not mentioned in the project plan and is outside the scope of this particular project.]

[While it is good to keep the broader context in mind, the *sole* focus of this project is to create a minimally viable query service using the existing StratML collection, which exceeds 5K files, and provides for the ingestion of additional files going forward.  For the existing collection, it would be good if the sitemap listing could be used to facilitate the ingestion process.  Going forward, it may be appropriate to require submitters to provide a) a URL where the file can be found, and b) an E-mail address to confirm that they made the submission.  However, I definitely do not want to get into the business of maintaining user IDs or password.  At this point, I'd rather just deal with the existing collection than get bogged down in security issues related to the ingestion of additional files.]

It would be great if we could move forward by giving detailed information about the stages
[Again, I do NOT want to get into the broader process in this project.  I just want a minimally viable query service.]

 for the first demo, let's proceed as follows, give me an example xml and I will prepare an application where you can create and edit a new xml file. Let's discuss what I should do at each stage and I will prepare your project exactly as you want it.
[No!  I DO NOT want another authoring/editing interface!  Not in this project.]

While I am turning your idea into an application, I will programmatically tell the computer what they want, and as a result, the computer will receive the command as you want and the product will come out.

 At which stage do you want to start?
[At the query/discovery stage and I don't want to address anything else in this particular project.  If we do get around to discuss other aspects, I'll explain how Jorge Sanchez went wrong in the "staging" of his "wizard" version of the StratML authoring/editing form.]

I reviewed your documents and there are many stages, let's set a stage as a start.

As I understand it you want something like:

Users will become members and have membership categories and will be able to view, edit or add xml data according to their category.
[No!  I DO NOT want to deal with UIDs & passwords.  The query service should support anonymous, read-only access.]

This will be a web application.
[That's what I'm looking for.]

and each member will be able to search for words in xml file formats that interest her.

Is this how I understood correctly?
[No but thanks for asking.  I hope this exchange clarifies what I'm looking for.]

On Sat, Mar 12, 2022 at 10:54 PM Owen Ambur <> wrote:

Devendra, I haven't been able to figure out which Devendra R. might be you on LinkedIn.  I don't care so much that your profile may not be up to date but at least I'd like to know both your family as well as your given name.

I'm not so interested in paying a hired gun as in partnering with those who not only have the necessary technical skills but also are persoanally committed to helping realize the vision:  A worldwide web of intentions, stakeholders, and results.

While the immediate focuss of this project is on producing a minimally viable StratML query service, that's just the next step.  After that, there's much more to be done.  See

I'm not getting any younger and may not have another 20 years to work on this.

Would you be open to partnering with other developers, like Adnan and Mateen?  I want to grow a community of results (CoR) in pursuit of the vision, including not only tech developers but also entpreneurs with the vision to capitalize on the propsective use cases:

Ideally, the and domains will be turned over to a nonprofit, cooperative, or public benefit corporation -- to serve the interests of both those who have contributed to building them as well as those who benefit from the services they provide.


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