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Owen Ambur

Oct 18, 2022, 1:18:07 PM10/18/22
to Naval Sarda, Pradeep Jain, William Glascoe III, Jorge Sanchez,
Prradeep, thanks for chiming in on this, for sharing your screen shots, and particularly for your openness to a collaborative effort.

While it has seemed to me that it might make sense to use a NoSQL, native XML database like BaseX and to build upon Jorge's experience with it, I am certainly open to considering other options.  

As far as Azure is concerned, I'm pretty sure that a StratML-enabled query service could be built upon it because Jason Lind came pretty close to doing so serveral years ago.  However, he lost access to the platform and it has been my impression that it might be fairly expensive to use.  His effort is briefly documented at

Yes, it does seem to me that E-mail works better than televideo conferences for fleshing out issues like this, particularly across so many time zones.  However, if you and Naval do schedule one, I'll be more than happy to participate.

BTW, depending upon the costs, adminstrative overhead, and features/functionality, I'd love to see more than one implementation of StratML query services.  They are just one of many types of tools, apps, and services that will be required to take full advantage of the StratML standard.

On Tuesday, October 18, 2022 at 12:20:28 PM EDT, Pradeep Jain <> wrote:

Hello Naval,


Greetings from Washington, DC!


I have worked with Owen for several years, and I understand his commitment and passion for StratML. I am trying to help him with his core implementation, as well as have some ideas about value-added implementations that other companies (including Ictect) can add.


Please see attached screenshots of core services that Owen and I have discussed. To keep the technology stack simple and sustainable, I think we could implement this with Microsoft technologies. This could include a web application on Azure plus a single user license of Office 365. The search functionality will be custom and not using any platforms such as BaseX/MarkLogic.


Please let me know if you have staff proficient with C# and XML. Give us a quote for implementation of the attached screenshots.


As Owen prefers communicating via email, I think we could discuss this in this thread. However, I am happy to do a meeting with you and get to know you. My company Ictect has an office in Bhopal and 15 employees focusing on implementing Intelligent Content and XML applications. I look forward to collaborating with you.




Pradeep Jain


Ictect, Inc.

Phone: 414.218.5612




Screen 1 - Full Search.jpg
Screen 2 - Advanced Search.jpg
Screen 3 - Results (filtered).jpg
Screen 4 - Results (mobile).jpg

Owen Ambur

Oct 18, 2022, 1:31:58 PM10/18/22
to Pradeep Jain, Naval Sarda,, Jorge Sanchez, William Glascoe III
As per my reply to Pradeep, I remain open to any and all options.

I intend to pay for results.  That includes not only the desired features and functionalities but also the ongoing maintenance and overhead costs.  So I'd love to see a comparison of the logical options.

Based upon what I've seen thus far, Azure seems to be far more costly and the cost of AWS is uncertain, whereas the cost of BaseX running on my hosting service seems to be pretty reasonable.  However, I am not yet confident that I fully understand any, much less all of those costs.

I understand that Pradeep plans to share some of the costs and I am especially interested in working with long-term partners. 

On Tuesday, October 18, 2022 at 12:58:21 PM EDT, Naval Sarda <> wrote:

Hi Pradeep, Owen

Thank you for your email.

We were half way through with BaseX and Java combination, loading XML is complete with BaseX and previously approved UI is also done in Angular. In about 10 days time, the service was about to get up.

Azure is fine for hosting application. We preferred Azure/AWS from the beginning.

I am happy to quote again for new technology stack. But I am not sure about the efforts which has already been spent based on Owen's approval.

I would like to hear from Owen on that regards.


On 18/10/22 9:50 pm, Pradeep Jain wrote:

Naval Sarda

Oct 18, 2022, 2:03:38 PM10/18/22
to Owen Ambur, Pradeep Jain,, Jorge Sanchez, William Glascoe III

Thanks Owen for your replies.

I got bit confused with Pradip's email with new screen designs and request for quotation for another technology stack.

For now, we will focus on your earlier approved technology stack which can be hosted on your current host.

In case, there is specific items for discussion for video conference, do let me know. We are in GMT +5.5 time zone. EST time zone first half till 12 noon EST works for me for any discussion. We would likely be ready with the first version of query service soon as substantial progress has already been made.


Owen Ambur

Oct 20, 2022, 11:29:23 AM10/20/22
to Pradeep Jain, Naval Sarda,, William Glascoe III
Pradeep, do you have any further information about the costs and benefits of using Azure?  If memory serves me correctly, when Jason Lind lost access to his StratML query service prototype, I understand the cost would have been about $30K/year to maintain it on Azure.  By contrast, MochaHost's VPN service will cost me about $2000 to maintain for three years.  Presumably, Azure has other benefits but I don't know what they might be and doubt they would justify the added cost, assuming my understanding in that regard is correct.

While Naval originally proposed using AWS, the two features that he suggested were irrelevant to the requirements for a StratML query service.  Moreover, I don't intend to spend any of my money develop services that AWS may decide to de-platform like they did to Parler.  They have proven to be untrustworthy and it would take a lot for them to regain my trust, much less my business.

Naval, the bottom line is that -- barring further information indicating that another direction may be preferrable -- I'm about ready to purchase a one-month subscription to Mocha's VPN service, for $50.  I'd just want to make sure that the coding for your prototype is relatively ready to go so that we can make the best use of the one-month trial period before I make a three-year commitment.

Pradeep, as indicated in a previous message, I'd love to see multiple implementations of StratML query (and other) services.  So even if Naval's application proves viable, I'll be happy to support the development of other services as well.  Indeed, the basic query service is just one of many that will eventually be required.

That's why I'm looking for true believers and long-term partners whom I know and trust -- like you and, hopefully, Naval.

Naval Sarda

Oct 21, 2022, 8:38:25 AM10/21/22
to Owen Ambur, Pradeep Jain,, William Glascoe III

Hi Owen,

We will get back to you by end of next week about when hosting needs to be purchased.


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