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Owen Ambur

Oct 5, 2022, 10:53:23 PM10/5/22
to Pradeep Jain, Israel Condon,
They look good, Israel.  Will look forward to learning more about what may be required to realize them in a working application.

BTW, Pradeep, as documented in my Google group discussion list, Naval Sarda and his colleagues have downloaded BaseX and seem to be making rapid progress on developing a prototype.  I'm about to purchase a one-month subscription to my hosting service's Java VPS plan for trial of the prototype.  While I'd love it if we could all work together on it, I understand if you'd prefer to work separately on your own prototype, particularly if you're aiming explicitly at a DoD audience.

On Wednesday, October 5, 2022 at 09:08:21 PM EDT, Israel Condon <> wrote:

Hello all,

Just wanted to get these out there before Friday. Talk to you all soon!


Owen Ambur

Oct 6, 2022, 10:22:18 PM10/6/22
to Israel Condon, Pradeep Jain,
No problem, Pradeep.  We're aiming to break new ground and do something quite innovative.  It would be unreasonable to expect that it might happen quickly.

Your message helps me better understand your current thinking and how it relates to the query service that I hope Neval is able to deliver -- which I hope will address not only all of the bullets under the scope you have outlined for me but also the second bullet in the scope you are proposing for yourself.  I had previously understood that you wanted to develop a specialized version of the service focusing on DoD plans and reports, and that seems like a very worthy cause -- particularly because I want the query service code to be open source and it would be great to demonstrate additional usages of it.

In any event, with respect to the first bullet of your proposed scope for Ictect, the stratml:Relationship elements can be used to link performance indicators to anything else on the Web that is accessible via a URL.  So the value you could add is to enable linkages in the other direction, i.e., from external sources to relevant goals and objectives rendered in StratML.  If you think you can do that, I'll be interested to learn how.

Here is the StratML tools, app, and service requirement that seems most closely related to what you are now proposing:

Goal 8: Relationships - Enable human beings to see and verify candidate relationships identified by automated services and to draft concise narrative descriptions of such relationships as well as to nominate such relationships not previously identified.

I'll also be interested to learn what, if anything, might come from your interaction with Dorian Cougias with respect to prospects for reeinstituting your StratML plug-in for MS Word or, better yet, Word Online.  I've told Naval that I don't want to address authoring/editing capabilities in the initial query service to be hosted at nor do I ever want to get into the business of maintain UIDs and passwords for direct, write access to the database.  However, to the degree that what you are proposing might enable users to author/edit and save StratML files elsewhere on the Web, for subsequent ingestion into the query service, that would be great.  The need/opportunity is to improve upon the usability and utility of my XForms for Part 1 & Part 2.

BTW, my Google online calendar does "work properly" and some scheduling programs provide links that semi-automatically enable me to add events to it.  However, neither AOL mail, which has a calendar feature (which I don't use) nor Google's online calendar semi-automatically accepts the data in the attachments accompanying your meeting invitations.  I can download and save those attachments but doing anything useful with them is another matter.  Since the dates and times are not included in the text of the invitations themselves, that leaves me wondering when you are proposing to meet.

Looking forward to our discussion tomorrow evening at 8:00 eastern time.

On Thursday, October 6, 2022 at 07:47:48 PM EDT, Pradeep Jain <> wrote:

Hello Owen,


Apologies for the late response. Also, for not realizing that your google calendar doesn’t display date/time properly.


I would like to advocate a layered implementation where the basic layer is provided by you/StratML/AboutInfo, but then other entities can develop additional functionality on top of it. For example, Ictect would be interested in implementing a layer where we show additional information from 3rd party sources such as LinkedIn. Also, with our tagging technology in Word Online, we can take people to the original source document where they can see the context of the searched item.


Basic StratML Search Implementation (Scope for Owen)

  • Basic Search
  • Advanced Search
    • “And” and “Or” combinations
    • Regular expression-based searches or other pattern-based searches?
  • Displaying Results in Web and Mobile formats with facets

Value-added StratML Search Implementation (Scope for Ictect)

  • Adding 3rd party information such as LinkedIn for people, or events where they are speaking
  • Taking the user to the original document where the search term was found


I’ve drafted high-level scope for your requirements, and for Ictect requirements. What do you think? We can proceed to estimating the effort once the scope is finalized.


Talk to you tomorrow.



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