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Aug 17, 2006, 7:42:41 PM8/17/06
to AWOS-devel
First of all, welcome all to AWOS-devel! This is the mailing list for
developer topics on AWOS.

Here are the rules:

* No profanity. We are all civilized adults, even if our computers
don't work :)
* No explicit content. (e.g. this is not an "adult-only" forum, kids
might look too)
* No spamming. This is very important. You can use other OSes as
basis for discussion (e.g. why does XX do this and we don't?) but no
* No phishing.
* Just don't do anything bad and we'll all get along.

Thank you!

Andrew Wilcox
maintainer and head developer, AWOS

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