About DNDRC and .PK Disputes

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Imtiaz M.

Jun 22, 2009, 4:51:17 PM6/22/09
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I just wonder out of my curiosity that the controversial organization
DNDRC still dealing with the pknic disputes.

1. I am still not clear who and under what law created this organization?

2. The name DNDRC itself is an example of typo-squatting mimicking
ADNDRC and is not recognized by any independent international

3. Is this a profit base or non-profit organization? Where the all profit goes?

4. If somebody do not trust this organization what are the alternate options?

5. What are its by laws of DNDRC and governing structure? Is this a
one man show?

With the growth of .PK domains we need an independent, unbiased,
community supported , non-profit organization recognized by the
International bodies to deal with .PK disputes.

We assume that .PK is Pakistani asset and we have every right to ask
questions and explanations about this public asset so please answer
these question as it will help to complete my article before
publication to news papers and electronic media.

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