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Welcome Shannon, AAC Institute/ICAN Talk Clinic!

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    scarney <> Mar 06 10:07AM -0800  

    Hello to Everyone,

    My name is Shannon and I am the new administrator for the AAC Parent Google
    Group. I have just moved to Pittsburgh from Vermont where I lived for 10
    years. I was active in a group known as the Vermont Family Network. I was
    a parent support person and had my own support group for the town where I
    lived. I am currently the office manager for the AAC Institute/ICAN Talk
    Clinic, too.

    My daughter has cerebral palsy as well as other diagnoses. She is
    currently in her second year of college studying Human Services. She would
    like to be an advocate some day. She has developed my passion for helping
    those who may need help finding their own voice.

    I would like to get some feedback as to how you would like to see this
    group move forward. Are you happy the way it is? What kinds of things
    would you like posted to keep you informed? What type of information do
    you find most valuable to support your child using AAC? Are you in need of
    someone to talk to?

    You may have noticed already that we launched our new ICAN Talk Clinic
    website, and the AAC Institute has started the process to update our
    primary website. Some parent requested information has been made
    available at ** <> as
    we as we start redesigning our new site, resources and services. In the
    meantime, I will be sharing information about our AAC summer camp for those
    of you already asking how to register for the full parent group to have

    I look forward to “meeting” all of you in conversation.

    Best regards,



    Gayle Rich <> Mar 06 05:04PM -0500  

    Hi Shannon,
    Welcome to the group. My name is Gayle and I have been a nominal member for years - my daughter Sarah is 31 years old with severe quadriplegic cerebral palsy and is now living in a facility with many other young adult disabled folks. She has always been just a functional communicator with her Dynavox (v-max) but since she is at her new home (almost 2 years), she has virtually stopped using it altogether. She has the capability, but not the motivation.
    She has an iPad and they are investigating communication programs on it as she seems much more interested in using it than her vmax. I would be interested in information on people using the iPad as a communication device and what has been successful for others, as well as strategies for encouraging use of communication tools in general. She seems perfectly happy to drive around, smile and wave to both staff and other residents when her life could be so much richer if she would communicate with them.
    Look forward to more conversation from the group,
    On Mar 6, 2014, at 1:07 PM, scarney wrote:


    Terry Street <> Mar 06 05:30PM -0500  

    My 8 year old uses Touch Chat on the iPad. It is a fabulous communication device and is super for her to use in her daily school work as well. I homeschool and am very pleased with the app. She is beginning to make more complex sentences with Touch Chat.
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