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Jan 8, 2010, 1:56:23 PM1/8/10
to A6 (Audit, Assertion, Assessment, and Assurance API) Working Group
Thanks again Chris for, not only hosting today's session but, getting
this all together.

As per the comments trail a number of really good ideas were brought

1) The option to look at consolidation, or at the very least
orchestrate (how very cloud) the input/interraction, the great work of
the OCCI and that of CSC's CTP.

I suppose that it would come down to what Andy Edwards said
re:fleshing out what "isn't" in OCCI today and how/what they want to

From what I can see, and I do apologise as it is FAR too early in
Australia to be thinking, CTP would make a good start for an A6 API
framework that would/could slot in with OCCI.

2) Promoting security transparency through A6

Looking at all the Audit/Compliance bodies, providers, etc and the
ramifications (political or otherwise) . How will A6 engage the
relevant parties , who would they ALL be, and tackle obsticles in a co-
ordinated and precise manner?

I'm sure there were a number of other great topics raised (like taking
a sabatical from twitter), again it is early so I've definitely missed
some :)

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