Five Minutes a Day with Luther - 04-28-2017

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Five Minutes with Luther

Apr 28, 2017, 8:05:04 AM4/28/17

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April 28

Gal 5:2 Behold, I Paul say to you, that if you permit
yourselves to be circumcised, then Christ will be of no benefit
to you.

* * *

Paul here, powerfully stirred up with zeal and fervency of spirit
and moved by the Holy Ghost, thunders against the Law and
circumcision. Paul, who knows that he has not received the
Gospel from man, but by direct revelation of Jesus Christ, and
has both the commission and authority from above to proclaim and
preach the same, tells the Galatians that if they are circumcised
Christ shall be of no benefit to them at all, for they, being
deceived by the trickery of the false apostles, believed that
besides faith in Christ it was needful for the faithful to be
circumcised or they could not obtain salvation. This teaching
is a sort of touchstone, whereby we may most confidently and
freely judge all doctrines, works, religions, and ceremonies of
all men. Whoever teaches that there is anything necessary for
salvation besides faith in Christ, they must hear in this verse
the sentence of the Holy Ghost speaking through St. Paul
pronounced against them. And if Paul dares to give this
sentence against the Law and circumcision, which were ordained
of God Himself, how much more does he denounce the chaff and the
dross of men's traditions. Therefore whoever receives
circumcision, with the opinion that it is necessary to
justification, to him Christ avails nothing. Of course, Paul
does not speak here of the work of circumcision (which does not
hurt him who does not regard it as justifying or connect it with
righteousness) but of the use of the work, that is, the
confidence and righteousness which they connect to this work.

Jesus, the Lord, the mighty God,
An all-sufficient ransom paid:
O matchless price! His precious blood
For vile, rebellious traitors shed.

aka Pastor Robin Fish
It isn't whether we win or lose, it is "Do we stand faithfully?"

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