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Helene Nunlee

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i have seen many people speak well of dragonordnance. i personally have never ordered from them. however, anything from their turkey warehouse won't reship for customs seizures. FallingForPropaganda • 50 min. ago. I've ordered powdered estradiol enanthate from them and they're legit. putrefactionlemon • 1 min. ago.

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Dragon ordnance/Dash PCT trustable? : r/TransDIY - Reddit

4. Reaction score. 1. Points. 3. Jun 26, 2022. #1. Searching for a decent source has proved fucking exhausting. Seen mixed reviews about dragon ordnance but it seems like they ship their product and are decent about communicating based on their thread over at mesorx.

Is Dragon Ordnance credible (ftm)? : r/TransDIY - Reddit

Dragon ordnance/Dash PCT trustable? i am in despair because my mother threw out the vial i got from oelabs and they don't seem to be restocking anytime soon and this is the only place i found that ships to russia, has anyone used it? 4. 10 comments. Add a Comment.

dragon ordnance problems | Anabolex Forums

259. Reaction score. 75. Apr 9, 2021. #7. Dragon has been on this forum for some time now! You don't last on here very long when you pull scammy stuff, however from my understanding is that when you order international, you take on a little bit more of a risk, also do not expect super fast shipping. So many people on here are impatient as .

Dragon Ordnance - INT/US PEDs, Raws, & Turkish Pharmacy

Dragon Ordnance - INT/US PEDs, Raws, & Turkish Pharmacy | Page 274 | MESO-Rx Forum. Steroid Underground.

Dragon Ordnance - Australian Review | Steroid Source Talk

They are hugely popular in Steroids communities. The only people really calling them a scam are two shill forums that only exist to discredit their competition and promote their own sites. The steroids market is much bigger than the HRT market and the competition is fierce. Lots of good reviews on Meso and SST.

Dragon Ordnance, safe to order or scam ? : r/TransDIY - Reddit

New Member. DragonOrdnance said: id pay to watch this. not unless the new factory runs into the same dnp vigilante. if you have to ask, more than likely its safe to pick up. All packages are sent without signature/present client on delivery, but your courier for whatever reason can choose for it to be held or etc.

Dragon Ordnance | Evolutionary Steroids Research Forums

Top. Sup Meso, I'm Dragon. DragonOrdnance Coupon: XMAS (10% off) BACKGROUND I've been servicing the Reddit/SST scene now for about a year and change (since.

Is dragon ordnance legit? | Steroid Source Talk

I have nothing but success with Dragon Ordnance. Packaging looks neat - it was arranged and packed with proper care. No seizure issues. Perfect response rate on Wickr. Delivery happened swifty and took maximum of maybe 10 working days to be received. No issues at all especially from Australia as we have the toughest customs.

DragonOrdnance help / scam ? : r/TransDIY - Reddit

Anadrol 25mg+Dianabol 25mg+Testosterone no ester 50mg +Trenbolone no ester 50mg/ml, 20ml/vial.

Dragon Ordnance Help : r/TransDIY - Reddit

dragonOrdnance bad shipping. I got dragonOrdnance gear in the mail and the steroids were all busted, whoever packed them didn't do a good job. The post office throws packages around, they could have atleast put a fragile warning on it. SMH they refuse to refund me and say to take it up with my post office.

dragonordnance reddit review | Anabolex Forums

yes, got what I ordered in 3 weeks I think, no problems with customs, bought from their chinese wearhouse. 1. dizzlestix • 5 mo. ago. This is good to know; I have been prowling the steroid forums and there's so much positive and negative I'm struggling to find people with positive turnaround. I'm a trans ally and it's nice to see y .

Dragon Ordnance

There are literally one of the most popular grey market suppliers in the world. About shipping: every different section they list on their left bar is a different warehouse with a different shipping experience and reship policy. When it comes to RAW powders DO is very good at getting powders to their destination.

What's happened to Dragon Ordnance? | Anabolic Steroid Forums

Apr 8, 2021. #22. DragonOrdnance said: I'd exercise caution listening to newbie accounts who link an Anabolex accusation, and further, shill their PSL source who is not an approved source here. This account is obviously a shill from anabolex.

Dragon Ordnance | Underground Body Building Forum

Dragon Ordnance. Thread starter Nconopa; Start date Jan 23, 2021; N. Nconopa New member. Registered. Jan 23, 2021 #1 Anyone order from DO lately? Have they gone rogue? . Facebook Twitter Reddit Pinterest Tumblr WhatsApp Email Share Link. Forums. Underground Discussion. Source Talk. Contact us; Medical Disclaimer; Use Disclaimer; Terms and .

Purple Panda Labs legit? | Underground Body Building Forum

We ask 2-5 business days to ship your products, incase we are severely backed. Stealthed raws and international stealthed items from China take about 2-4 weeks, as we reship them domestically to you in the U. S. Everywhere else, 2-3 weeks. Turkey takes 9-18 days. Domestic takes 2-7 days. Minimum?

Dragon Ordnance

DragonOrdnance help / scam ? hi, i recently made a fairly large order for me and a friend and paid via transferwise over a month ago, as people have said that dragonordnance is reliable, but i have been ignored by their telegram/email, and in my account, it doesn't show an order as being shipped. i asked in their telegram group and apparently .

Dragonordnance Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of .

Reaction score. 1,451. Points. 113. Jan 27, 2022. #5. I have used PPL in the past and would do so again. I haven't sent anything of theirs out for testing for a couple of years, so all I can say is they were legit the last time I used them. Shipping times can be extreme, but that's most international sources these days.

Dragon Ordnance - INT/US PEDs, Raws, & Turkish Pharmacy

dragon ordnance, both of these emails are scammers and send fake powders with no testing [email protected] and [email protected] He is promoted by mods on other forums because he bribes them and they ban anyone who tries to expose this scam. Dragon ordnance also threatens buyers when they try to complain. This guy is a total scumbag.

Anyone have good experiences dragon ordanance? : r/TransDIY - Reddit

Been using dragon for years. Been using dragon for years. Seems like the competitor below me is mad enough that dragon steals business. Looking through his profile, just a shill for that one website lmao. By far, the lowest priced shop, and is backed by PPL. Can't go wrong. Thank you Dragon! Date of experience: November 16, 2021

Question! Has anyone ever bought from dragon ordnance?? - Reddit

Trans DIY. Questions and resources related to Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), for transgender and GNC individuals. 59K Members. 162 Online. r/TransDIY. NSFW.

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