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Anthony Townsend

Nov 3, 2022, 2:43:37 PM11/3/22
to 511sfbaydevel...@googlegroups.com
I would like a high rate API key to support arhciviting of your GTFS-RT bus feeds at https://api.busobservatory.org


Anthony Townsend
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Bus Observatory API
A free repository for real-time bus data.

Kapeel Daryani

Nov 10, 2022, 5:49:18 PM11/10/22
to 511sfbaydevel...@googlegroups.com

Hi Anthony,


511 SF Bay Open Data Portal provides a consolidated GTFS and GTFS-RT feeds for the San Francisco Bay Area region that may allow you to access transit data with fewer API requests. In addition to the regional feeds, we also provide archived observed arrival times in the historic regional feed using the GTFS+ extension file stop_observations.txt. Following are sample URLs that could be used to access these feeds.



You can find additional information about transit data available over 511 SF Bay Data Portal using the Transit Data Specification document available on 511’s website: https://511.org/open-data/transit.


If you believe the above provided data sources will not work for your use case let us know and we will revisit your request.



Kapeel Daryani.


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Joao costa

Nov 11, 2022, 3:36:00 AM11/11/22
to 511SFBayDeveloperResources
who are you , why this conversation on  my email ?
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