Questions about non-CIS applications of static GTFS & FTA's new request for GTFS data

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Kevin Keck

May 22, 2023, 4:32:13 PM5/22/23
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I am curious if and how members of this community may be using GTFS+ for non CIS applications.

I am considering how SF Muni will comply with the Federal Transit Administration's (FTA) new request for a link to our 
static GTFS file next year as part of the regular NTD ridership and operations reporting requirements.

1. Any reasons why the FTA might not accept the "GTFS+" enhanced variant?
The emerging NTD standards require compliance with this specific May 9, 2022 version of GTFS.​reference/​static#field-definitions.

2. Do any regional transit agencies distribute and or maintain links their own "GTFS" static file set for non-CIS GTFS applications such as traffic signal priority systems or as inputs for service and operations planning tools (Tidytransit and Remix)?

The new guidelines state that Agencies are to distribute their own static GTFS data. 
“Agencies must now maintain at least one web link for GTFS data in report year (RY) 2023, and applicable reporters must certify their web links are updated annually starting in RY 2024.”

 3. While Muni has never included non-revenue trip data in our internal GTFS feed, I am curious if other regional public transit agencies have coded non-revenue trip segments in their own GTFS feed to help track the actual mileage and time requirements of non-revenue operations such as, 
Pull-outs,  pull-ins, mid-run route changes, and terminal loops.

4. Does already modify or suppress non-revenue trip segments and stop elements from the regional GTFS+ feed?  

5. If non-revenue trip segments and elements were fully included in GTFS+, would there be CIS problems?

Welcome comments and thoughts,

All the best,

Kevin Keck

San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency
Senior Transit Planner (Muni Operations)


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