Accommodation for the Midwinters and NAs

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Jan 7, 2022, 1:49:41 PMJan 7
to 505 WC Group, 505 NA Group

Hey everyone,


Not sure if I have the ability to send out to both these 505 groups so, if not, can someone forward to the NA group for me? I’m assuming the other groups roll up into that one?


I’ve been looking for a place to stay for the Florida events coming up soon.


If anyone has a room, bed or comfy couch on or off the water nearby the sailing site please let me know.


As a shared hotel room option, I’ve come across this which looks quite good and is 15min away from the club (assuming a car).


Warning – My wife says I snore but I’ve never heard it! ; )


Price here is in CDN pesos, includes taxes and fees, but would need a car to get back and forth (or a lot of Ubering).


Anyone with a better understanding of the area and/or better options have something to share? I’m open to anything clean, comfy, and convenient that keeps the costs down. Shared house, hotel, boat, billeting, etc.


See you down there!




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