Upgrade of an old Parker 505

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Ebbe Rosén

Nov 16, 2010, 8:58:22 AM11/16/10
to 505-global
Hello All,
Piotr Nowicki, from Poland but living in Sweden, is in my eyes a professional in 505 renovation!
If anyone is interested in upgrading an old 505 like Piotr have done, I suggest that you contact him for advice.
His 505 is an old Parker 505, No. 4130. But you could not tell after looking on the photos how it look today.
Start looking at the last image and you'll get the picture! It seems he has made and upgraded to new tanks and deck as well.
This 505 was once owned and raced by Stig Petersson (current ISAF President) and his brother Goran in the early seventies.
The next owner when Stig & Goran sold the boat after the worlds in Marstrand in 1974 were Krister and Martin Bergstrom.
Ebbe Rosen
SWE 8926
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From: piotr nowicki [mailto:p.r.n...@gmail.com]
Sent: den 15 november 2010 21:03
To: erosen
Subject: 505 
Hi Ebbe!
I can make a new centerboard case cap to 505  for those who would be interested. . 
This can be made of carbon or glassfiber.
I have also a new carbon centerboard for sale to a 505.
Interested can let me know on e-mail
Photos is on my 4130 after renovation. It cost me much time and work and it is not yet finished.
-- Regards
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From: piotr nowicki [mailto:p.r.n...@gmail.com]
Sent: den 17 november 2009 18:43
To: erosen
Subject: 4130

Hi there. I live in Sweden for some time now however I don't feel confident speaking Swedish. In regards to 505- I want to replace all the wooden parts into carbon fiber: deck, centerboard box, underdeck spinnaker channel.  Also I want to make a new rudder and centreboard. In regards to the underdeck spinaker channel I already have the model done. Similarly in regards to the deck...however I got stuck as I don't have the dimensions for stag...I also started doing a model for a deck but I was waiting for dimensions from you (received today, thank you).
So I still need to do a model: one for a rudder, and one for a centreboard. I had a look on the internet and saw some nice new models however i'm not sure if i will be able to get plans for the elements i need.
Importantly I need to ask the question: after all the changes I am going to make...will I stll be able to use the 4130 number?
 The other parts of the 505 will stay unchanged
thank you for taking the interest in my e-mail
 kind regards, PN
p.s please let me know if you wish me to forward you some pictures

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From: Piotr Nowicki [mailto: prno...@gmail.com]
Sent: November 15, 2009 16:07
To: ero...@bredband.net
Subject: 505

I have the boat 505 (No. S 4130) that I bought in Sweden a year ago.
I want to repair the boat, I built the deck but I did not have the stay size.
I also have no rudder and centerboard drawings.
Can you help me?
Thanks very much. 

skrzynka [800x600].JPG
505 128 [800x600].jpg
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505 130 800x600 .jpg
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