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Craig Thompson

Oct 6, 2015, 6:45:21 PM10/6/15
to 505-global
This email list used to be very active, but has gone silent for some many years. Let's revive this great tool to help communicate all the International happenings in the 505 Class. 

Please communicate to your respective class members how to join this list. At a minimum, all of the key points of contact in your national class association should be members of this list.

For those not already signed up, here is a direct link that people can use to subscribe: http://groups.google.com/group/505-global/subscribe?hl=en

Once subscribed, you can email the list at 505-g...@googlegroups.com
Or you can view all past conversations via web at https://groups.google.com/d/forum/505-global

Thank you!

Craig Thompson 
USA 8854


Oct 8, 2015, 8:00:59 AM10/8/15
to webm...@usa505.org, 505-global
Yes this is a great idea and initiative.

By the way I'm looking for advices on what type of aloy should I use to make more solid tubes than carbon poles.
Carbon poles tends to break easily in a broach against the shroud...
I know we dont broach much at the top of the fleet but on wavy conditions while gybing it just happened to me...

I believe aloy tubes are far more solid and cost one third of the price carbon tubes while the weigh difference is neglictable.
I've seen one boat set with such double aloy poles and it was looking pretty good.

I've been looking at tubes the ULM fan uses to build their flying craft. Has anybody tried something alike? If yes what type of tube has been used?
I think 38mm is right but I wonder about the thickness 1.5mm or 2mm?

Thanks for sharing.


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Jean-Baptiste Dupont

Oct 12, 2015, 10:23:56 AM10/12/15
to Jean-Baptiste DUPONT, webm...@usa505.org, 505-global
Tubes for aloy pole

I received a few responses to my aloy pole question but none were posted to the entire list.

Here is the findings:
 - ULM fan make their flying machines out of aloy tubes.
 - The one we can use for spinnaker poles is 40 mm in diameter, 1 mm thick wall and weight 0.336 kg per meter
 - It is sold in 6 meter tube long - the cost is 20.69 €/m.
 - The model is Aloy anodized DURAL 2017

There are three benefits:
- rigidity is better than carbon tube (the one we use for pole)
- inner section is 38mm instead of mere 34 mm for carbon (leaving more room for the inner system which result in less tangled ropes inside)
- Price is cheaper

As for the weight, it looks that the overweight is pretty small - the pole is 0.843 kg without fittings.

Thanks to all who gave me this worthy feedback.

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