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Feb 7, 2009, 7:52:00 AM2/7/09
to 4D Tech GoogleGroups, 4D iNug Tech
Sorry for polluting the tech lists with this, but since it's a weekend I'm sure Chuck will forgive me (uh, Chuck, this is where you forgive me), especially because of the nature of the message.

I am suddenly hobbled with an embarrassment of riches where work is concerned, and though I hate to pay someone else to do it, I'm afraid I am probably not going to have time to take on this project.

I have a fixed-bid short-term project to build a few fairly complex forms (8-1/2 x 11 size), based on existing paper forms.  The budget is around $2,000 US.


If I don't know you, send me something bragging about what a hack you are.  If I already know you, please spare me the bravado, and instead just send me a one-sentence "I'm interested" email.

In a day or two (probably Monday or so), when everybody's responded, I'll send out the actual RFQ...unless I change my mind and send it out sooner...or I get crazy busy and sent it out a day or so later.

I have no idea if this will become more than a one-off project, but my suspicion is that if it does, it will be at least the Summer before it does.

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