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25 September 2021                                         A.R.I. DX Bulletin
                                   No 1586

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  DX  INFORMATION  ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

C9     - Elvira, IV3FSG expects to be active as C92R from  Mozambique  some-
         time in October. Usually, her activity is limited to her spare time
         on 80-10 metres  using SSB  and  the digital modes.  QSL direct  to
         IK2DUW; the log will be uploaded to Club Log and LoTW.
EI     - EJ1D will be active again on 24-26 September during this year's "DX
         Feile" organized by the  EI DX Group (http://eidxg.com/) to be held
         on Inis  Mor (EU-006). QSL via M0OXO's OQRS.
HA     - Special event station HG5NATURE  will be active  from  23 September
         until 23 October for the "One With Nature" exhibition to be held in
         Budapest. QSL via eQSL. [TNX HA5BA]
HA     - Celebrating the  60th anniversary  of the  Antarctic Treaty System,
         Tamas, HA6LT will be active as HA60ANT from  1 October to 31 Decem-
HD8    - Toni, EA5RM and a large multi-national team  (EA1SA, EA5EL,  EA5KA,
         EA5KM, EA7R,  EA7X, F5CWU,  F5NKX, F8ATS,  HC5VF, HK6F,  IK5RUN and
         IN3ZNR) will be active as  HD8R  from San Cristobal,  Galapagos Is-
         lands (SA-004) from 26 October to 7 November. They will operate CW,
         SSB and FT8 on 160-6 metres, plus RTTY on 20 metres,  with at least
         four  stations  on  the air  simultaneously.  QSL  via  EA5RM.  See
         http://www.dxfriends.com/hd8r/ for more information, including band
         plan, logsearch and OQRS.
I      - Aldo, IK2ANI will be active holiday style as ID9/IK2ANI from  Pana-
         rea Island (EU-017) from 25 September to 1 October. He will operate
         SSB, CW, RTTY and some FT8 on 30-6 metres.  QSL via LoTW, eQSL,  or
         via home call (direct and bureau). [TNX IK2ANI]
LX     - Commemorating  the birth  of  Michael Faraday  (22 September 1791),
         special event station LX5MF will be active from  26 September to 26
         March 2022 in close cooperation with the Luxembourg Science Center.
         QSL via LX1KQ (but all QSOs will be confirmed automatically via the
         bureau) and LoTW.
SV/A   - "George, SV1RP and others are going to  Mount Athos to install  an-
         tennas for  30 and 15 metres for  Monk Iakovos",  DX World reports.
         "Look for renewed SV2RSG/A activity at the end of this month".
UA     - Celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Antarctic Treaty, the Russ-
         ian Robinson Club will operate twelve special callsigns from Russia
         (R60ANT,  RA60ANT,  RB60ANT, RC60ANT,  RG60ANT,  RJ60ANT,  RK60ANT,
         RL60ANT, RN60ANT, RT60ANT, RU60ANT and RZ60ANT),  plus RI60ANT from
         the Antarctic continent on 1 October-31 December. QSL for all call-
         signs via Club Log's OQRS (preferred), or via RZ3EC.  A certificate
         wil be available on https://hamlog.online/.
W      - Rich, WA5LFD  will be operating  portable  from  North Padre Island
         (NA-092) from 2 October to 30 November. His "bands of interest" are
         6 and 2m,  but he will also be on 80-10 metres.  QSL preferably via
XW     - "My XW0LP licence comes up for renewal  on 1 October", Simon posted
         to eham.net on 23 September, "and I applied to renew for all exist-
         ing HF bands, but also 472 KHz, 60m (denied last time), and 6 metre
         band. However, it seems that the police/military have been in touch
         with the licencing department, and instructed that  I should not be
         allowed to operate on any bands where ham radio is not  the primary
         What does this mean? Well, I am denied to operate on  472 KHz,  60m
         and 6 metre bands. But additionally, I will no longer be allowed to
         operate on the 80 metre  and  30 metre bands,  since ham radio is a
         secondary user on those bands in Region 3". Simon can still operate
         on 160, 40, 20, 17, 15, 12 and 10 metres, but he will have to cease
         activity on 80m and 30m at local midnight (17 UTC) on 30 September.
         "Therefore, in order to provide as many QSOs as possible,  from now
         until that  cut-off time/date,  I will ONLY operate on 80  and  30,
         using  FT8  on the  normal frequencies.  I will monitor  80m during
         local night-time hours,  and will monitor 30m  during the local day
         and evening hours, i.e. from about one hour after local sunrise  to
         about 15 UTC (or later if I can 'jump' between 30 and 80!).  I will
         especially respond  to calls  from stations  that I have not worked
         previously". QSL via LoTW, or via EA5GL.

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

Access to the main functions of www.425dxn.org is provided by the 425DXN App
for Android. It is available on Google Play - free of charge, no ads. Enjoy!

IOTA NEWS ---> The logs for the  IOTA Contest 2021 island stations  have now
been added to the IOTA database and are available for QSO matching.  Record-
holders who have made IOTA contacts in an IOTA contest after 2003, can claim
credit for  them  without submitting QSLs, provided that the contact details
match.  Go to  https://iota-world.org/,  log in,  select  "Add Contest QSOs"
under the "My IOTA" tab, and choose either "Upload Contest Log"  or  "Manual
QSO Entry".

OCEANIA DX CONTEST ---> The 76th edition of the Oceania DX Contest will take
place on 2-3 October (SSB) and 9-10  October (CW). Both events will start at
06.00 UTC on Saturday, and end at 06:00 UTC on Sunday.  Complete details can
be found at https://www.oceaniadxcontest.com/.

S9OK ---> The  band plan and  the FT8 Operation Guide  for the  2-16 October
S9OK DXpedition  to Sao Tome  can be found at  https://www.cdxp.cz.  QSL via
Club Log's OQRS (preferred), LoTW, or via OK6DJ.

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ******* QSL  ROUTES *******
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER
3D2TS       M0OXO       EM30YUARL   UX7UU       OL50DJ      OK6DJ
3Z20UR      SP8POP      EM3QFF      UR6QS       ON4USA      ON4GDV
4J880M      4J3DJ  [d]  EM60KTS     IK2DUW      OR40NOL     ON6NL
4J880M      RA4AAT [b]  EN30UIA     UT5UIA      OV2T        PA0ABM
4J880N      4K4K        EP2MRK      RW6HS       OV3X        OZ8AE
4K880NZM    4K4K        EX2V        RW6HS       OZ0MF       DF5LW
4L1AN       N4GNR       FG4NO       EA5GL       OZ2SPACE    OZ1ACB
4O4T        YU1FW       FK8HA       K3IRV       P33W        UA3DX
4U1A        UA3DX       GB75ISWL    G6XOU       P3AA        RW3RN
4U1WB       KK4HD       HC1HC       NE8Z        PA82AD      PA3EFR
4X0T        4Z5FI       HC2AO       RC5A        PG64HOOP    PA9F
5B4AAB      G8CLY       HC2TCU      RC5A        PJ2A        N5UCF
5B4AOM      EA5ZD       HC3RJ       EC5R        PJ4EL       M0URX
5B4AOW      RW3RN       HF0SSEA     SP3POB      PJ4EVA      M0URX
5Q7DX       PA7JWC      HF100LEM    SP9PKZ      PJ4NX       M0URX
5UAIHM      F4IHM       HF66KAO     SP9KAO      PP4T        PY4BZ
5X4E        IQ3CO  [b]  HP200I      HP1DAV      PT1K        EA7FTR
5X4E        IZ3ZLG [d]  HZ1HZ       N7RO        PV2K        EA5GL
7X3WPL      7X3DL       HZ1TT       A61BK       R800SAN     R0SI
7Z1OO       EC6DX       IA5D        IU3EDK      RV6AWZ/p    RV6CU
9G2DX       EA5GL       IB1DCI      IK1GPG      SC7DX       SM7GIB
9G5AF       EA5GL       IB9A        IZ2WFL      SD1A        SM1TDE
9J2BO       EA5GL       II0LXXV     IQ0RM       SE0X        SM0MDG
9J2BS       EA5GL       II1TRM      IQ1TO       SE5E        SM5AJV
9J2RD       IZ8CCW      II2GP       IQ2CF       SE6J        SM6XHM
9K91KSA     9K2RA       II2S        IZ2FOS      SF0A        SM0LPO
9X2AW       M0OXO       II9IASV     IT9MRM      SF1Z        SM0HEV
A25SL       N4GNR       IP1X        IU1JCZ      SF400B      SK6LK
A71AM       M0OXO       J73CC       EA5GL       SK3W        SM5CCT
A71EM       M0OXO       JY5MM       IK2DUW      SM0S        SM5BAX
A71MM       EC6DX       KP4ZZ       EB7DX       SM2M        SM2LIY
A91ARS      EC6DX       LC4C        LA5FBA      SM2U        SM0CXU
AM500EMV    EA7URF      LC9A        LB1TI       SM6F        SM6CUK
AP2HA       JA1WIO      LN8W        LA6YEA      SM9X        SM0OEK
AP2SD       EA5ZD       LX40DA      LX1DA       SP0DXC      SP7DQR
CB3R        XQ3SK       LZ1340BG    LZ2VP       SP100LEM    SP3POB
CB8E        CE8EIO      LZ30AM      LZ1ZF       SV9/IW2NEF  IK2DUW
CO6HZ       EA5ZD       NP4A        W3HNK       TI2VVV      EC6DX
CO8RCP      EA7FTR      OE100CEN    OE4CEN      TM5SF       F6KGI
CT9ABN      OM2VL       OE100DJN    OE4DJN      UN9L        LZ1YE
CT9ABP      OM3BH       OE120BKC    OE3BKC      UP7L        UN6LN
CX2DK       EA5GL       OE120DMT    OE7DMT      V26K        AA3B
D60AC       SP9FIH      OE120U      OE6XUG      V26OC       N3OC
D60AD       SP6CIK      OE60ANT     OE3DMA      V51LZ       EA5GL
DA0BCC      DL2JRM      OF1D        OH3RB       VP2ETE      W3HNK
DB59FIRAC   DL8DWL      OF2CGU      OH2CGU      VP6MW       W0VTT
DF0HQ       DL5AXX      OF3AD       OH3AD       VP8VK       G4RFV
DK80ZUSE    DL5DSM      OF5ZZ       OH5ZZ       YB8UTI      YB3MM
DL24EURO    DH3ZK       OF7KA       OH3KAV      YJ8RN       NZ4DX
DP44WCA     DF6EX       OF8CW       OH8CW       YL44WFF     YL2SW
DP90JMT     DL2VFR      OF8UV       OH8UV       YS1RR       DJ9ZB
DT8A        DS5TOS      OF9W        OH5BQ       YS200I      EA5GL
DU1IST      JA1HGY      OG2X        OH2RM       YT1914CER   YU1EA
DU3LA       W3HNK       OG3B        OH3RB       YT1914DRI   YU1EA
EG1DMO      EB1CC       OG4W        OH4AB       YU2022NS    YU7BPQ
EG5DIC      EB5URT      OG4X        OH1MA       Z68XX       DL2JRM
EH1DAA      EA1UVR      OG7A        OH6MW       ZF2LZ       EA5GL
EH1OSM      EA1UVR      OH0T        OH2GEK      ZL7STU      M0OXO
EJ8JB       EI8JB       OH8X        OH6KN       ZS3Y        N4GNR

5H1IP    Kutasi Gabor, Siofok, Koch R. utca 10/A I/4, 8600, Hungary
7X4AN    Mohamed Boukhiar, Apartado Postal 30133, 08080 Barcelona, Spain
DS5TOS   Cho Jang-Hui, Hyundai Town 110-1005, 8 Daehak-ro 9-gil,
         Gyeongsan-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do 38654, Rep. of Korea
EG5RCB   Radio Club Carthago, Apartado Postal 176, 30200 Cartagena (Murcia),
IZ3ZLG   Alberto Casa, Via Roma 112, 36070 Castelgomberto VI, Italy
K4P      Pentagon Amateur Radio Club, P.O. Box 2322, Arlington VA 22202, USA
KH0/KC0W Thomas M. Callas, P.O. Box 1058, Minnetonka MN 55345, USA
KH0W     Thomas M. Callas, P.O. Box 1058, Minnetonka MN 55345, USA
KL7FBI   Fred R. Anderson, 918 Abeto St NE, Palm Bay FL 32905, USA
OF8L     Jari Ojala, Latvalammentie 32, 92260 Kopsa, Finland
OG73X    Jari Ojala, Latvalammentie 32, 92260 Kopsa, Finland
OH0V     Jukka Klemola, Aarontie 5, FI-31400 Somero, Finland
OX3LX    Joergen Roemming, Brandelev Stationsvej 9, 4700 Naestved, Denmark
OX3XR    Harry de Jong, Broekdijk 59, 7695 TC Bruchterveld, The Netherlands
PZ2YT    Yudel Torres, C Van Dalstraat 221, Nieuw Nickerie, Suriname
SJ2W     Per Eklund, Teaterallen 12-0102 lgh 1102, SE-903 64 Umea, Sweden
SP6CIK   Leszek Przybylak, ul. O. Feliksa Kosa 7, 45-940 Opole, Poland
SP9FIH   Janusz Wegrzyn, pl. Pilsudskiego 6/9, 45-706 Opole, Poland
TR8CA    Jean Charron, 19 rue Gabriel Moussa, 33320 Eysines, France
ZT1T     Tom Morgan, 58 Piet Retief Street, Robertson, 6705, South Africa


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