3D Printing Tips and Tricks

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Welcome to all users of 3D Printers. 

Unlike many other 3D Printing Google Groups, this group is not owned, admin'd or in any way censored by any 3D Printing vendor or supplier.  

The rules:
No profanity. 
No nasty flaming (Seriously, mutual respect always makes for the ideal forum). 
No support of illegal activities (e.g., how you can 3D print a nuke) or support of any piracy or theft of legally protected content, designs or media.

Need help? Need support? Wanna talk to another 3D Printing wonk about something awesome you just generated with your souped up desktop factory? Please... POST IT!!!

If a post is upsetting or against these rules I will post a request for the original poster to delete BEFORE I (the Admin) delete it to ensure all know and understand what was removed and why.
Thank you.