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Feb 14, 2012, 10:24:40 AM2/14/12
to 350CT-Bpt-Coal
Please note below part of a 1st draft of material related to the
Bridgeport coal plant (compiled by Conservation Law Foundation, Sierra
Club, and other environmental organizations):

"Do you or someone you know have asthma or other respiratory problems?
Bridgeport residents face more significant asthma problems than do
people living in the rest of the state! A contributor to these health
problems is pollution from Bridgeport Harbor Station, a 51-year-old
coal-burning power plant owned by PSEG, a large energy company. The
plant is located in Bridgeport, CT, along Port Jefferson and the Long
Island Sound.

Some HEALTH RISKS from the Bridgeport Harbor coal plant:

1. Mercury can be passed from a pregnant or nursing mother to her
baby. It can cause damage to the baby’s brain, nervous system, kidneys
and liver. Mercury is most harmful to infants and children but can
also cause brain damage in adults.
2. Soot is made up of tiny particles that can be breathed deep into
the lungs and directly into the blood stream. It is linked to heart
attacks, strokes, asthma attacks, reduced lung development and
function, and premature death.
3. Ozone (Smog) can lead to pulmonary inflammation, asthma attacks,
chest pain, and premature death
4. Sulfur Dioxide can make it hard for people with asthma and other
respiratory illnesses to breathe. It can also cause heart disease,
decreased lung function, and burning of the nose and throat.

What if the plant shuts down? We can’t afford to lose any jobs around

Losing even one job is painful, especially in this economy. However,
what the plant provides in jobs needs to be weighed against the real
health risks it poses to tens of thousands of people in Bridgeport,
including those who work there. Any plan for replacing the plant or
for redevelopment on the site must include a plan to enhance the
economic vitality of the city and create jobs for local area

YOU can be part of shaping new, healthy, sustainable jobs that
generate revenue for Bridgeport and provide jobs for Bridgeport
residents. If the plant shuts down, this can be an opportunity for

TAKING ACTION: What can I do?

Residents of Bridgeport and the surrounding communities are coming
together to learn more about the impacts of Bridgeport Harbor Station
on their health and the environment. We are mobilizing to bring a
cleaner energy future to Bridgeport by exploring viable real-world
alternatives to coal, including increasing energy efficiency and using
clean and renewable wind and solar energy. Bridgeport deserves clean
energy, clean jobs, and a green economy, and you can help make this a
reality in your community!"

Colin Bennett

Feb 15, 2012, 4:28:30 PM2/15/12
Hello Diane,

Thanks for sending this. Would you be willing to add an automatic message header to the Google Group so each message is immediately identifiable? It would definitely be a plus for me.

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