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Nov 22, 2022, 10:45:44 PM11/22/22
to 2600 Australia
Stumbled on this when looking up the game engine in the
splash page of a game demo I was playing.

"Godot game engine"

Seems to have many of the usual features, a fair bit of
documentation and a public project to maintain it - it can
generate games on multiple platforms, and it is free to make
whatever with, and it appears (given the game demo I was
looking at had a paid edition) you are allowed to sell the
games you make with it - apparently without restriction.

Similar building platforms typically sell for 100 or more on

Not sure how friendly it is to use, but they have a few demo
projects and such, and it seems to support a few scripting
languages c+ C# GD etc

New and improved 2600... well.. ..we drew on some flames and polished it a bit..
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